What's happening with the AVOYP changes? New rules?

It seems to be misbehaving slightly.
At least not quite doing as expected.

David how will viewers know a new song has been added. Surely the post title will stay the same and unless you actually open up a post that you know you commented on before you won’t know if it’s an additional song or not.
This new system may mean fewer AVoYP titles but it will not be user friendly as you then need to keep double checking posts to see if there is a new song.

Im curious about that as well. How would this work?

In addition to no time limit on first post edits, there would also need to be no time limit on edits to the post title.

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@sairfingers I understand this has now been done, Gordon.

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If you go to latest section when you start your day off you will see bolded font when new posts have shown up in the thread. If you are interested in particular person’s recordings no doubt you will have a look to see if something new have been posted :wink:

It’s either this to me or we are being kept flooded with posts and more and more users will ignore most of posts in AVOYP as it is already happening and will be happening.

And so on :wink:

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I’m still a little confused – to the point that I will just contribute to the message board as I would normally. Mods do your thing, do the needful. :slight_smile:

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