What's happening with the AVOYP changes? New rules?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s noticed a bunch of consolidation in the AVOYP section. Threads being merged into one. E.g. “Mr X’s shares for Feb”

I love AVOYP. My favourite videos are people from the community posting where they’re up to - whether it’s a quick clip or something polished, doesn’t matter, skill level doesn’t matter, new or old member doesn’t matter - I enjoy watching and listening to them play guitar.

However sometimes when people post 5 videos in a week (or 3 in a day), or join and upload a bunch of their old stuff, it gets a bit much. Some basic guidelines like, two videos a month max might make things a bit better?

This is more a question for @Richard_close2u who’s been doing the tidying up. Are there some new rules coming?


That’s one thing I’ve been thinking about lately as I’m learning fingerstyle. I’ve been thinking of just having a single thread for my fingerstyle blues studies, melodies in my learning log etc as wouldn’t want to bombard the forum of me learning to play the blues and fingerstyle. I’m thinking that anyone that’s interested in following my progress can always add the thread to their watch list or follow me on YouTube.


Good and valid questions @jkahn

There has been talk of some minor changes. Part of that discussion includes something along the lines you have guessed at … such as one new avoyp topic per .month per person (that can include multiple uploads through the month).


Ahh, I can see the logic in that. At the very least so that those who share a lot of their playing (like myself) don’t over shadow the latest section AVOYP. Allowing more room for new players to show their stuff and get feedback. Is that the thought?


Funny thing is, you space out your shares so I personally don’t think that kind of sharing is a problem, you’ve just been sharing for a long time (I am also up there on the list).

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Sounds like a pretty good solution!

Yeah, we’re becomign the “victim of our own success”.
The Community became a bit of a flood in the AVOYP section for less frequent visitor.
Don’t get me wrong; people posting and sharing is awesome!
We just want to optimize the experience for everybody.

We had a lengthy talk via mail about this and grouping AVOYP’s in chunks seemed to be, for now, the besty middle ground.

It has some unexplored pro arguments as well: people checking out people’s progress, it’s easier to look back on your own postings, it’s easier for others to compare performances of the same person, etc.

Meanwhile, nothing is set in stone and we evolve how it seems to be necessary at the current time.


To be honest, it’s become so overwhelming I don’t open AVOYP any more.


If we go that way is it possible to allow for unlimited editing access to a post for the OP? For example, I wanted to keep my Rock study as a single post but after about 2-3 months I was no longer able edit the first post.

I love the idea of a single thread with all my AVOYP but I post pretty much every song I work on cause it’s part of my process for moving on. Ideally I’d like a sort of table of contents in the first post just to keep it organized, but that would require being able to edit the first post. Hope that makes sense.


@alexisduprey if you want a record of your progress start a learning log.


Thanks Rick, I do have a learning log but I find that it’s harder to ask for feedback through the learning log than posting in AVOYP since that’s where most people assume that you want someone to watch then give advice.

What I do is separate my AVOYP from my learning logs and post links to them for those interested in watching/giving feedback rather than direct video. That way the log is just me talking about my progress and my journey and the AVOYP are able to be viewed and given feedback separately.

You’re right though the learning log could provide that sort of function as well though it’s less likely to be viewed and given that type of feedback I think. It’s tricky cause everyone has kind of a different philosophy/format to their posts and how often they post. Maybe a default format or suggestion from the moderators would help. I dunno.


I very seldom post comments on AVOPY because I feel people post there to get pats on the back not real feed back.
I do post comment on people’s learning log with real feed back if I feel I can help them improve.


I think it really depends on who’s posting. Some post for feedback, some post for kudos, some do for both. All 3 are valid and I don’t really think there’s a distinction at least in my experience from what people want from AVOYP and Learning Logs. I think it’s just numbers. More people will look at videos in the AVOYP section (I’m guessing cause that’s why they’re there) therefore you are more likely to get what you are looking for (Be that kudos, advice, or both) from posting there.


Am I missing something? What’s the problem with just having a single thread per person, just like each person can only have one learning log? What’s the argument against it?

I’d suggest that most regular visitors are actually using the New, Unread and Latest features of the forum rather than visiting individual sections. More people post videos than update their learning logs, so the AVOYP section naturally gets more visits.


Well I have been asking for that for a while now /wink, wink/ :wink: I think sooner or later it needs to happen as those who used to be frequent posters in comments section are finding it difficult to keep up (myself included) and are interacting less. Worst case scenario is that AVOYP will become like another subreddit/facebook group where people just dump their recordings and no one bothers to interact.

Interaction is a key word here - not only posting and expecting feedback, but commenting on other recordings every now and then is my mantra :wink:


I don’t think anyone has argued against it yet. I think it’s a good idea actually. I’d only point out that OPs can’t edit the original post past a certain threshold but that wouldn’t matter if they are doing 1 AVOYP thread per person per month. It would only really effect long term threads.

Yeah I think there’s some truth in that. As well as thread titles. More people are likely to click on “Black in Black - AC/DC” than “Alex Feb AVOYP” since it may be a song they are interested in vs a vague title.

That’s a really good point. Expectation should be that community members who post also check out others at least once in a while and comment/give feedback. The whole reason why this works is you can get feedback from others relatively quickly and I think paying it forward is important too.


Same. In fact, I muted the whole AVOYP forum months ago, as the JG Community was starting to feel like Instagram for guitar players.


This is true but if people stop watching and block AVOYP because it’s becomes so over used by a few people the whole section becomes useless.
I’m glad Richard started adding user names to the posts in AVOYP makes dimissing the abusers easier so I can watching the ones I’m interested in.


I’ve taken to not watching or commenting on the videos of people that don’t do anything except post videos. It’s just not rewarding or interesting… but when it’s someone who’s name I recognise, for sure I take a look and comment.


Totally agree with this. Useful titles matter.

I think that’s what the solution Richard is talking about is, though, if I’m understanding correctly. One topic a month per person could be Back in Black with 1 vid, or it could be Joe Feb AVOYP with 50 vids.