What's Up? - 4 Non Blondes (Cover)

Hi, I saw a music video (Cover - 4 Non Blondes - What's Up - accoustical only) and it inspired me to record my own cover to this song. I have almost forgotten this nice song.

I did not have any tabs so I downloaded the chords progression (A, Bm, D, A) and playing with them little bit.

I have been trying to improvise lead part of the guitar by using F# minor (A major) pentatonic (4 and 5 position).

This time I tried omitting the bass guitar and played the basic chords with arpeggios by guitar (not recorded on the video).

Thank you for feedback.


Well now. What an interesting version!! I liked the sound of it. For just coming up with something to practice with, damn good. Beyond my abilities .,…yet! Lol.

I was trying to sing along, but found it a lil difficult there. But for a quick inspiration, and slap er together, wicked!!

Your production skills are really good b.t.w. But mine are like, on the low end! So I know good productions when I see em…:wink:

It’s always nice to get that inspiration! Even better feeling when it is directly related. I’m extremely happy It brought inspiration to you!

Rock on Brother!


That was a good version of it . Good job making it your own.

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Sounds great ! Just wish it was longer… Love it :grinning: :pray: :pray:

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I loved 4 non-blonds, I saw them live with Primus and Fishbone in SanFransico back in 91 or 92.

I like your cover a lot. Great job with your lead. Haveing your own rhythm with the familiar percussion it really sounded great. I am looking forward to being able to perform to your ability. Love how you did the split screen too. :metal:

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Michael, lots of good things going on here, and you’ve done a fine job of it.
The lead part was good, but IMHO it could have a bit more relaxed sound to it. Just my opinion. I did enjoy the listen and I appreciate that you’re playing all the parts. I know what that takes, and it’s my belief that by learning and playing all the parts, it will pay dividends in the overall scheme of things.

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To me that sounded fun. Like you enjoyed playing it and it’s super fun to hear. Neg…I’d ditch the drum track for more feel. I’d rather hear your note and chord changes as you apply them; real time!

…maybe add and incredible vocal, but I’m dreamin’…

Thanks for sharing and working so hard to pass on your sweet bliss. _R

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