Cover - 4 Non Blondes - What's Up - accoustical only

Well, since i have not been able to get the “gear” i would like to have a.t.m. I decided to put a post up just to show I am practicing and can make it through a few songs by heart now. Mostly just hearing ze quitar.

As much as i would like to have a backing track and the like(for some reason, i am able to stay on beat better that way), but alas, yhe gear i do not have yet…so constructive critisism welcomed and yes i did flub a couple of spots that i noticed!


Sounding good Darren.

Nice hand movement and keeping time well.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile checking the tuning again after the capo is on.

Solid strumming going on @Dman74
Well, evenly paced strumming, steady flow.

As said, awlay check tuning when applying a capo. experiment with where to place it on a fret; it matters

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Well done Darren, nice job. I’m not as far forward as you and my chord changes are not so fluid but nice to have a bit of inspiration from you. Keep up the good work. Also, I’m not brave enough to post anything yet😊

Played with energy and enthusiasm Darren and a good steady strum pattern.
I’d suggest you slow the song down a bit and get your chords a bit cleaner. Then speed it back up.
Well done. Look forward to more from you.

Nice job Darren. Good steady strumming and you had the groove of the song down. Great work!

Thank you, @liaty . That is one of the focuses, steady and keeping time. Was going for 2nd and 4th beat accents…still working on that. It has never occurred to me to check tuning after placing capo…makes a lot of sense. Sp i checked er, and guess what? Was out of tune. Thak you!

Thank you @LievenDV. What i was going for. Steady even, relaxed and keeping my strumming arm moving. Never though of re checking tuning! Thank you, to you as well! Was out a bit. Good ears. :wink:

Thank you @ArizonaAngie! I am happy that i can be an inspiration to others. I know others better than me, inspires me to push forward! Don’t worry, I’m sure you will get there as well! It’s not easy putting your stuff out, but sure does help with the learning process! Just do it!!! Lol


Thank you, @sairfingers! I’m not sure if it was the clean chord as compared to not being completely in tune. I did check the tuning and was out almost a quarter semitone on some. At 66 Bpm i can usually handle that. Could just be recording methods. My chords are clean when I was doing my OMC’s and PFC’s for those. Moved past that a bit ago. But will keepner in mind.

Thak you @Eddie_09! Glad ya thought so. Have practiced it many times over…with many more tumes to come!!! Oh yeahhhhhhhhh!!! :slight_smile:

I can only mirror what others have already said Darren but nice job on the song.

Well done Darren, this song’s a good workout for consistent strumming timing which you handled nicely. I’d also agree that slowing it down a little actually would be a good thing, not just for practice but as a final performance, it sounded a little faster paced than the original? (could just be my dodgy ear however!!).
Sounding terrific though, bravo!

Hello Darren, that was a really nice performance. Congratulations :clap::+1::smiley:.
I like the strumming pattern very much. (I also practiced the song for a while, but stopped it, as singing along appeared to be impossible to me :face_with_peeking_eye:. But I think, I’ll give it another try :slightly_smiling_face:.)
I particularly like your transition from the speedy part to the slower ending.
Really well done. Thanks for sharing :hugs:.

Well done Darren. That’s a great song that requires the correct strumming pattern to make it sound right and give it the energy of the original. I reckon you nailed it!

Thank you very much, @SgtColon! Muchly appreciated. Still need to try to get the accents a lil better. But thank you.

First of all, thank you, @Notter! Yeah i actually believe the song is played at 63 or 64bpm(my metronome i was using only goes from 60bpm then jumps to 66 bpm, cheapet one maybe? Was a hand me down.). With changes from verse to Chorus, I’m not quite there yet without a backing track. With it i seem to be able to follow, but to actually change that tempo in the middle and get back is a lil rough!!

Thank you for your most kind words, @NicoleKKB! It took me a while just to get the strumming to a point of no thinking strumming and fall in the groove. I still have work to perfect, i am happy that my playing seems to have inspired you to go back at er!!! Oh yeah!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you as well, @prbushe! Much appreciated. As mentioned above. A bit of practice involved. It certainly is close to being nailed!!! :wink: . Much appreciated.


Hello Darren. I think your strumming sounds really good, very consistent and immediately recognizable as the What’s up strumming pattern. I also play this one but can’t be this consistent with the movement of my forearm yet. Also the sound of the pick on the strings was very pleasing to the ear.