What's your next guitar?

I purchased my last guitar not too long ago in September. As I was looking at sweetwater’s website today it dawned on me that no matter when I purchase a new guitar I ALWAYS have an idea of what the next one is gonna be lol. That’s not to say that I’ll be purchasing a new guitar anytime soon but I do always have the options bookmarked in my head and even usually have a specific guitar in mind.

To that end, do you know what your next guitar is going to be? Even if you plan on buying it years from now? Do you keep a list of potential new guitars in your head like I do? If so, what guitar are you getting next? Why? Is there something unique about it or is it the look/form factor you want?

I’ll start, I’ve been wanting a Japanese brand guitar for a while now cause all my guitars have been traditional American brands (squier/fender and Epiphone/Gibson) and I wanted to try something different. I saw a couple people in this forum talking about Yamaha’s new Revstars so I’ve been thinking that that’ll be my next guitar.

Yamaha is offering some interesting options with the tone of these guitars that really intrigue me. Specifically the focus switch boost that give some unique tones when the 5 way switch is set to 2 and 4. It’s also quite the looker in the swift blue.

I also like the inspiration for the new design. The revstars are inspired by Yamaha’s history making cafe racer motorcycles and they even put a hanko mark (a sort of personal seal that’s sometime used in Japan instead of signatures) on the back of the headstock. Small touches but I think they’re neat and give the guitar personality.

I still might go with something else since I haven’t actually tried one in my hands yet but I’ve only heard good things.

How about you? What’s your next guitar and why?


Definitely try one if you can. One thing against them is they are quite heavy guitars.

Also, see if you can try the P90 equipped version as well the the more standard humbucker ones. I have the P90 version and it sounds great.




I have a single-coil Strat type and a Grand Auditorium size acoustic. If (and that’s a very big if) I get a “next guitar,” it will either be a parlor-size acoustic or a semi-hollow, humbucker electric, like an ES-339 or a PRS SE Standard.


Fun topic, Alexis, though sometimes just a thought process can unintentional trigger a GAS pressure build-up :rofl:

But I feel safe so will play along :grin:

I have 4 guitars, that meet all my current needs and can satisfy future needs if and when my play-grade in the area of finger-style blues improves.

In future a fifth guitar would be an electric to compliment my PRS Semi-hollow. That is fitted with dual HBs. So a second electric would be a different style with different pickups, probably a strat or tele style, because I can’t get the sounds I want from my PRS.

Hmmm, to go on a real flight of fancy, it could be a tele style, low E string removed, and tuned in open G … no prizes for guessing how the muse is inspiring that choice :rofl:


The weight thing may or may not be a problem for me. My current favorite guitar is my Gibson Les Paul Tribute which is pretty heavy. It’s not as heavy as a classic Les Paul since it features a chambered body like the Revstar but it’s still heavier than my Mustang style squier.

P90 version is definitely one I’m looking at since i don’t currently own anything with p90s. In fact, I think all my guitars have humbuckers. Plus I just love the look of the tail piece that the p90 version has. Gives it a vintage flavor.

I also want a parlor size smaller acoustic though it’s low on my list. As I said above all my guitars have humbuckers. I should probably get a Strat style guitar with single coils as I don’t have any.

Don’t have a tele either, just might need to add one of those on my list as well lol. side note, I haven’t tried any rolling stone songs yet, but I did play Rock N Roll All Nite with open G tuning and I agree with Keith. Remove that pesky low E string :grinning:

It seems the common theme here is get guitars with electronics or features that you don’t have. I’ve already added guitars with p90s, single coil, and teles to my list. Maybe my subconscious wanted to hear about more guitars to add to my own musings.

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No prize expected.


I told myself years ago I had enough guitars. Then 2 guitars later so you never know.

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It will be a while, but since I have a Squire Telecaster Thinline and a Yahama Acoustic, it will be an electric. Maybe a Strat, or an Epiphone Les Paul or SG

I’ve been trying hard to reprogram my brain and be happy with the guitars I have. In both electric and acoustic, I went from my entry level guitars to quite good quality guitars so I didn’t have to upgrade again soon.

What I really want are more skills. I noticed that a LOT of really good guitarists seem to play the same (or same kind) of guitar a lot. There has to be a reason for that - I reckon it helps having the same feel of your instrument all the time.

So I have 4 guitars right now - kept my entry level ones - went from:

If I was going to buy another guitar in the future, I think it would either be a high end thin body, smaller acoustic. I played a Maton Performer when trying out guitars and the smaller, thinner body felt amazing to play. Having the fingerboard closer like an electric was a great feel. It had good sound too. I debate with myself whether I should have bought that one instead of the one I got.

The other kind of guitar I might get is an American Strat. Really would only do that if I get much, much better at lead playing and want those juicy strat tones with a whammy… although I could get those out of my Squier, or use coil split on my Tele anyway - but no whammy…

Yeah, I’m trying really hard to just stick with these guitars. For now.


Okay so this is constantly on my mind! :joy: Shame budget doesn’t align so well with my GAS :sob: :rofl:
That’s a really nice looking guitar you’re contemplating :guitar::heart_eyes:
I recently bought a new one myself but was limited to what was available in the country (importing like I did my last one was out of reach now due to exchange rate movements), however if I had have had the freedom of choice (within realistic boundaries of course), I might have gone with something like this:

Mainly just due to my preference for the look over the one I did get… which is still beautiful and I love it but… you know :smirk: :sweat_smile:.
Many of the other aspects are very similar, including the premium features such as stainless steel frets, locking tuners (which are great!) and especially the Evertune bridge.
The Evertune setup is so good, I’m not sure I could go back now. It just makes guitar easier. For instance, at the moment I am trying to transcribe a solo and when comparing notes I don’t have to worry if I’ve gone out of tune, instead my attention can purely be focused on the primary task at hand. One less thing to worry about! :joy: Setup is easy, way way easier than a floyd rose, in fact it actually makes intonation and action adjustment easier too in my opinion. So I would highly recommend that as a feature option for a new guitar if it sounds like your thing. :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck with holding out… I might have to go hide the credit card… again! :joy:

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A nicer accoustic, something like


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So I’ve got an SG and a Tele from the world of electrics and a Taylor Academy acoustic at the moment.
As mentioned above, there’s no plans for another purchase for a while but I do often think about what it might be.
At the moment I could see it being either…
Something with P90s
A semi hollow electric (possibly one with P90s to kill 2 birds with 1 stone)
A premium acoustic

It all depends on me continuing to practice and get better because right now my number of guitars is definitely more than my skill level justifies!

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That guitar looks so good. I’m a sucker for wood finish guitars. I haven’t seen too much on Solar guitars, but they must be good - I know you’re a huge fan.

When I took my guitar to a luthier, he was saying that once you go stainless steel frets you can’t go back, that he loves playing on them.


I actually have a Squier Jazz Bass on layaway as we speak. Sad thing is, I’m not even all that sure I want it. It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing when I saw a used J Bass… but now I think I’d rather get a Sterling by MusicMan Stingray4HH (4-string, dual humbucker). I don’t know if I want to take the hit on losing the re-stocking fee if I cancel the layaway though. I am actually thinking I may purchase this J Bass simply to clean it up and re-sell it. It is covered in very strange decals which I plan to remove. I even took pictures and posted on a bass forum, and it generated a lot of discussion. That may have influenced me buying it, people pushing for me to buy the oddly-adorned bass. :rofl:

Other than a bass… I really want some sort of travel guitar. The ones with removable necks look convenient. Also, a dual humbucker guitar of some sort.

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I’m afraid that my next guitar will be the one I’ve got for a long, looooong time :sweat_smile: And even though I’m not Yngwee Malmsteen, I’m pretty stuck with it :frowning:

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I own a Fender CD 60 SCE Dreadnought, which is a reasonable instrument, apart from beeing a little hard to play on the first fret. But it’s a guitar I will keep, because it’s a beautiful guitar and the sound is good. When I’m more advanced, I’ll probably go for a really good guitar, maybe with a little smaler body size, as the Fender is quite bulky.
The second guitar is a single coil strat style electric of good quality, which I borrowed from my son who gave up playing. So maybe one day I have to give it back to him and I will be searching for a pretty versatile guitar (I do admit, that some humbuckers would be nice too). So a Hagstrom Ultra Max in golden eagle burst crossed my mind a while ago.

It should be a very well made guitar of high quality for a reasonnable amount of money. It has splitable humbuckers and looks great…
But I told myself to wait, where my development will take me. I hope, it will be the blues and therefore I have to check, if there are better options.


Not the sought of question I should be dwelling on ! :rofl:
Something wine red / cherry would be nice. just to balance the stable up a little.

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I’ve got 2 more guitars that I’m looking for. I thought it was only 1 and I’ve been looking for it for a couple of years, but a couple of months back I realized there is another one on my list. I’m in no hurry, I’m very happy with the ones I’ve got.

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Don’t have it super specific in mind. All I know is stratocaster-like models are my absolute favorite and I’m heavily biased towards Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, Solar and Schecter.
Funny how normally I don’t care about sponsors for example but when it comes to guitars I get super biased because of signature / brand guitarists, and I know it’s happening to but I accept it :rofl:

I would love to own a LTD alexi-600 scythe one day, the most iconic model of my favorite guitarist. However, that specific model/color scheme is no longer in production, so finding one will be difficult/expensive. Too expensive for now at least.

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Hi JK ,
That was once my dream before I started,…and as a starting guitar I didn’t think I was worth that money yet, so I bought a Fender player,…when I arrived at Justin a few months later I read and I soon heard from him that Fender has been overshadowing by many other brands in the same price range for many years, so i was glad i didn’t buy an American Fender… if you think the name is important, you just have to do it :sunglasses:, but it is not necessary for quality, it is something that I have heard much more often from people I trust in this area, … of course I don’t know anything about this myself … with my eyes closed I can’t hear the difference between my player or a 3000 euro guitar from a stratocater fashion model,… :grimacing:
Greeting and hoping I don`t kill a dream :sweat_smile:

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