What's your next guitar?

Got to be gold top. I `ve got a sunburst but a gold top is next

I think tobacco-burst is gorgeous.

Those Cort electrics have some nice specs for the price!
Thanks for sharing that Dave.

Anyone got a good affordable OM to recommend around $200 - $400? Preferably 1 with a pick-up. Added bonus if it sounds good when strumming too on top of fingerstyle.

This is such an incredibly difficult question and it’s been bugging me for almost 24 hours… I think I need help… :roll_eyes:

This was 2-9-2023

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Still reading through this thread for inspiration and new guitar ideas but forgot to chime in myself, so here goes (WARNING: incoming GAS rant)!

I definitely have an ever-growing list of guitars on my wish list, but the one in my near future is a Fender Strat. I started out with a Squier a few months ago (which the local guitar salesman sold to me as a “Fender guitar” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). It was literally painful to play (horrible fret work was shredding my hand), which led me to buy an Epiphone LP which I immediately fell in love with playing. That led me to tinker with my Squier Strat and following a massive upgrade project to it, rekindled my love of playing a Strat. So all of that has led me to want to buy a Fender Strat again (circle of life & all of that). They don’t sell actual Fender Strats here in Kuwait, nor can they be shipped here by most online shops I’ve checked (probably due to the local distributor’s monopoly of the brand rights), but I’ve got an upcoming trip to London so Fender Strat here I come!

I originally had my eyes set on the Fender Player Plus HSS (Silverburst) but have been tempted by the Fender American Professional II Stratocaster HSS (Dark Night) (I do love the Dark Night finish :heart_eyes: I’m a sucker for unique finishes). I’ve gone ahead and reserved the American Pro II from Anderton’s for pickup when I arrive there. While I initially wanted the Player Plus for the noiseless pickups, 12" radius, and medium jumbo frets (prefer those last two on my Epi LP vs the 9.5" and Narrow Talls on my Squier Affinity Strat), but since I’ve been playing my Squier exclusively for the past month or so, I’ve gotten used to them. I already have noiseless pickups on my upgraded Squier Strat, so I’m thinking that trying classic Fender Single Coils might be a good option.

So the plan is to try out the American Pro II (with 9.5" radius & narrow-tall frets) for a few weeks once I buy it and see if it’s a keeper for me. I’ll also try some other guitars in the store with 12" radius & medium jumbos and see if I prefer those or if the difference isn’t noticeable to me. If I end up preferring those, an American Ultra Strat HSS might be the last option. Ah the GAS is in full effect, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime (or at least for the upcoming year) to travel abroad and have a chance at acquiring an American Strat :blush:

As you can see, I’ve put a lot of thought into this (my wife lovingly prefers to refer to it as my new obsession) for good or for worse :rofl:


I just clicked here by chance and saw this comment. Couldn’t resist a gentle poke :wink:


Good stuff.

But factor in some travel time if you aren’t visiting the vicinity of Guildford. Andertons is about an hour’s trip from central London.



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Thanks for the tip. Yes, I noticed it’s outside of London (unfortunately PMT London didn’t have any in stock), will have to be a day-trip excursion. Already saved the trip directions on Google Map :smiley:

Take some time to have an explore of Guildford town. It’s really quite pretty in places.




Will do. Thanks for the recommendation Keith :blush:

Well, since I just bought my Strat last week, and already have a Tele, clearly I need a Les Paul to complete the holy trinity of electric guitars! lol.


Firas @firasR
Majik @Majik is quite right it is lovely part of the country, if you can’t tear yourself away from Andertons.
Spent three years there at university.

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The Martin d-15 would be my next guitar

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Have to play a few more Martins.

Still considering a tele, still considering building it. Finding a quality tele that meets the spec I want isnt easy in NZ

I have my sites set on the epiphany classic 60’s LP in smokehouse burst. Probably pull the trigger on it in the next week or so.

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@brianlarsen And I made my debut with my new drummer and bassist at the last Community OM :grinning:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
… and there was I, thinking I had just about caught up with most of what happened while I was AWOL :roll_eyes:
I’ll have to check it out then
Belated happy NTD :smiley:

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@DaveTC59 I had a look at the product website and saw they have a more recent G300 RAW version with a Walnut top that looks absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes: Those looks along with all the great specs (compound radius, Seymour Duncan pickups, steel frets) and this is looking more and more attractive. Definitely going on my list of future acquisitions when (not if) I crave a Super Strat :smiley:

@snoxracr I love my Epiphone Modern Les Paul, not that I have any other LPs to compare it to but it’s well-made, plays beautifully, feels comfortable, looks great, and everything on it is high quality (can’t name a single flaw honestly). Hopefully you’ll love your 60’s Smokehouse Burst LP :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m thinking that the next one will either be:

  • Sire L7
  • Schecter Solo 2 Custom

I’m looking for a lighter LP-style guitar (my current one is 11 lbs!!), and both of these have really nice contoured neck-joints :slight_smile: