What's your next guitar?

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One with 4 or 5 strings and a longer fingerboard, my original choice turned out to not be the best idea and got sent back so looking a bit more thoroughly into it now, however it’s gonna make me a bit like her

The Ibanez S5470 is my Japanese made one. You can see it in my gear picture in my learning log if you’re interested. The Indonesian made one isn’t in it since it unfortunately needs repairs (strap came loose a few weeks ago, causing it to crash into the floor headstock first snapping off one of the tuners)

Have you considered buying a guitar kit if you mostly want it to practice luthier skills?

I did consider it Gertjan but decided against it as I would have to be spray painting the body and such. All I want to do is learn how do adjust string height, swap out coils, that sort of thing.


Same boat Stefan, I considered a kit but I’m not sure I want to paint a guitar. I still think that one day I will get one because I think it will get me comfortable tinkering with guitars and you can get some pretty cheap ones.

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Yeah, that’s the thing Alexis. How much would you spend on spraying a guitar as well? Plus the colour on that guitar is very cool, I think.

Right now, I’ve got 4 guitars:

  • Takamine Dreadnaught Acoustic
  • Journey Travel Acoustic
  • Les Paul Custom-style guitar (Agile 3000)
  • PRS SE Hollowbody

Although I don’t NEED another guitar, ones I am passively considering are:

  • Telecaster
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Nice. I have a blue 1988 540S (bought it in Tokyo). It was my second electric guitar (first was an Epiphone super-strat with a model number I don’t recall). I still have it, although I blocked off the floating trem. I’ve come to prefer hard-tails, these days. It’s also got a big ding on it where I dropped it when I was in college.

For whatever reason, a I tend to purchase blue electrics (although my latest purchase was “natural”). I think next time I want to go for shell pink.

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There are so many nice guitars to pick from …

Right now I have 2 acoustics and 2 electrics
Hohner ovation style acoustic
Maton blackwood drednaught
Epiphone LP and another LP

I think next would be either a resonator acoustic or a single coil style tele/partscaster thing

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This time last year, I said I’d never need another guitar.
Two weeks later I had bought CiNDy :rofl:

I’m closing my eyes, clicking my heels and repeating:
“I will never need one guitar to rule them all!”
(esp. as they come from the beautiful County Donegal :laughing:)

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At the moment I have two Ibanez electrics (RG421 (SuperStrat) and XPH-700XT (X-shaped)), so my next guitar will surely be an acoustic one, with cutaway (moar accessible frets!). The Yamaha APX600 looks like a good candidate, but I’ll probably go to a shop and try several before I decide.

I’m still totally undecided about my next electric, but there’s no hurry. It might be an SG, or a V, another SuperStrat (with higher specs), a standard SSS Strat or even a Yamaha Revstar like the one from the first post.

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Okay, this is the topic that i can talk hours about.
But for now I only decided that my next guitar will be an awesome Gretsch. More specifically it will be gorgeous G5655TG in Azure Metallic.


I’ve just paid the deposit on my next guitar, a PRS S2 McCarty 10th Anniversary -

(that’s just a stock photo)

Most expensive guitar I’ll have bought, but I fancied an upgrade from my PRS SE Tremonti Custom, and I have always wanted to try a McCarty 594.


PRS make some of the most beautiful guitars out there. And I will definitely get a one or two or maybe more. :wink:

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Cort. They make guitars for a range of companies (I think they do some Fender and prs models but could be mistaken).

I have recently acquired a G300 Pro and am amazed at the quality for the price.


Indonesian made (not USA/Japan) but the quality is right up there. Perfect neck fit, beautifully finished stainless steel frets, Seymour Duncan SH2N and TB4 HB pickups, 5 way switch wiring, locking tuners (silky smooth), 2 point floating trem. Basswood body with solid maple top and roasted maple compound radius neck that feels great to play and holds tune well. Half the weight of my Tele!

Their X700 Duality II model is another beautiful looking guitar with great specs and playability.


Good shout, Dave.
Sounds like very similar specs to the HB Fusion III I bought this time last year. Really happy with it and more suitable for a tighter budget. (£281 for B-stock :smiley:).

This Korean brand is often overlooked do to their poor reputation that is dragging behind them from the period when they were producing cheap acoustic by mass for the schools. They are regaining trust now by producing well priced good quality instruments but it will take a while before they shake off the past.

I was looking a this Cort model for a long time, Gold-Edge. It has very good reviews.

Eventually I ended up with Lakewood M-35 CP which I very glad about.

For the next guitar I would probably aimed at classical Hanika CutPro PF.

To complete the collection I would add one electric, mostly to try some heavier metal pieces. Solar Guitars GC1.6FR Killertone.

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That Lakewood looks superb but at $5000aud it is unfortunately way out of my price range. I don’t play anywhere good enough to take full advantage of a piece like that. :slightly_frowning_face:

I did however order one of these over Xmas (Boxing Day special 40% off). Hopefully it will arrive this week.

Australian company with a Chinese factory. Chinese made but good specs for the price. I’m hoping its a leg up from the cheapo laminated starter I currently have. It also offers a 100 day return policy, so if it not as good as it looks, it can go back.:grin:

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