When I Come Around Cover

Another video from me. Watch it, or don’t watch it… that’s up to you :rofl:. I’m trying to do a recording every week or two.

A few new things in the video, including some AV learnings:

  • First time using a backing track! Thanks to those that gave me the tips on using youtube for one.
  • It’s multitrack! The video is the main guitar track, I also recorded a second guitar track. And vocals separately. In hindsight, why did I stick the mic in my face for the video if I was using a different vocal track? Hmm, next time…
  • First time recording with my Fender GTX50! Used the So Cal Punk preset.
  • Some “fancy” text overlays (or, how to edit videos 101 :rofl:)

I only recorded each track once, so a bit messy in places. The sound of the Squier humbucker makes me want to replace it with a Seymour Duncan :thinking: hmm…


Leaps and bounds, JK :sunglasses:
Whoa, that’s a stack of firsts all crammed into one vid!
Sounded great
I was getting a strong Lou Reed- or possibly Pavement- vibe off this (That’s a compliment)
Checked out the original then, which I liked not so much.
(There are times when the video of your strumming hand becomes very blurry-
I hope that’s just an artifact and not you doubling the rate of strumming?)
You’re on a roll- I’m watching how long you can maintain this trajectory :laughing:

You do know that’s just the GAS talkin’, dontcha? Nothing wrong with that sound :wink:

You sure are pushing onwards and upwards, JK, sounded great. And in the grunge/indie/punk tradition, firstly messy is fine, and secondly not nearly messy enough for me to notice.

I thought the main guitar tone sounded pretty good, so not sure what you were hearing that you didn’t like. If perhaps it was a bit bright/sharp (tone adjectives :roll_eyes:) then maybe try rolling off the tone know just a fraction. I find it a tricky business getting the guitar tone knob and the amp EQ just right and small adjustments on either side can make a difference.

Lastly, good job on the multi-track, backing plus three recorded tracks. From a mixing perspective I thought the vocal could have been lifted up. Some may roll eyes at my saying that (there he goes again) but generally I think the vocal needs to be up front and on top with the instruments accompanying the singing.

Oh and the drums sounded great.


Nice work @jkahn , the new gear’s sounding very nice and a nice and confident performance overall! Laying multiple tracks has worked well, did you play the solo in that as well?
You really are flying along at the moment and it’s a real inspiration to see :clap:

That was terrific JK. Wow you’re certainly coming along. I thought your tones were excellent so I don’t think you need different pickups. Your new amp sounded great and like Brian I heard Lou Reed in the vocal. Well done.

good job @jkahn, that was really good, I really enjoyed it. I’ll leave it to others for more useful constructive comments.
Happy to keep watching what you put out.

That was amazing JK, tone wise I think you hit a nail in the head. Superb performance overall, don’t get those small hickups which really were very difficult to hear out this was amazing! Well done!

Sounded pretty impressive to me, dunno what you’re worried about!
If you really want to upgrade the pups, look for Irongear, they do a stonking good set for a HSS Strat, they do ship almost anywhere and are not too expensive.

If my singing gives you any kind of vibes I’m happy :smiley:. I remember buying Velvet Underground on CD when I was a teenager in the 90s because so many of my favourite bands listed them as an influence.

The strumming blurriness would just by my 30 fps webcam not able to keep up!

I’ve told myself no new guitars unto 2023… pickups don’t count :rofl:.

It’s the brightness of the humbucker I’d like to tame, I mucked around with EQ a bit (and tone was rolled down to 5) and it was still bright. A couple of months back I borrowed my friend’s Gibson Les Paul and … man that thing sounded true rock 'n roll straight away with no tweaks.

Drums weren’t me btw, they were from the BT. Is it too much to say: everything I’ve learned about mixing I learned from you David by reading your comments and learning log? :crazy_face: True! I’ll try to push vocals a bit more forward next time.

Thanks Mark, yes laying down the tracks was easier than I thought. A bit of learning involved but wasn’t so hard. Yep, I played the solo, I did that in the “main” guitar track which is what the video is of. The solo is pretty easy compared to Californication, and really fun to do the slides.

Thanks Gordon, sounds like you’re trying to cure me of GAS :smiley:. Glad you liked it.

Thanks Phil, would be great to see some more of your videos as well.

Thanks Adrian, I was agonizing over not selling like Billy Joe… I assume you know the original pretty well. I figured I would just sound like myself instead, although still trying to figure out what that actually is.

The bits hidden in the mix were, some mis-timing of changes while I was trying to play and sing at the same time, and some higher pitched chugs when not palm muting 100% or doing left-hand-muted strums. Particularly during the guitar-only intro. Thanks for checking it our Darrell.

I’ll check out Irongear, hadn’t heard of them. I was looking at just the Seymour Duncan JB for the humbucker for something meatier, the squier single coils sound OK. Green Day, and I think Nirvana had Seymour Duncan pickups, so tempting.

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I know, but still the tone and balance in the mix … drums and bass at the heart of everything.

Glad to have been able to share some things that were helpful.

And that is the essence of this Community. I can list a bunch of members from whom I learnt so much. I share it with you and down the line you’ll share it with others.

It’s how we rock n roll.

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Hi JK,
Everything has already been said, but because it is so good I like to repeat it again… sweet lord of music…, that was played nice and tight and sung wonderfully lead back (if that is the right term here, but you know what I mean?)…your guitar tone is great so stop complaining about it and put your money in chocolate muffins or save up for a dream guitar…You go like a rocket man :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :bouquet:
Cis f#…NOOO…Bis Bis Bis :grin:

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Well that was simply brilliant JK :slight_smile: Someone’s nailed those power chords good and proper.

Nicely done on the multi-track as well, impressive stuff.

Only thing for me, I thought the vocals a bit low and there were drowned out at times by the guitar.

But way to rock it. :metal:

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You’re hilarious Rogier, I’m trying to cut back on the chocolate muffins (and beer) and get to the gym! :rofl: A great dose of reality too for me to stop needing extra stuff!

Thanks Stefan, yep, I’ve put a lot of time into the power chords. The singing lower in the mix… something to fix next time, tbh I don’t think I would have put them that low if I had a voice like yours :grinning:.


So many firsts JK. What a class act you are. Raw, bitey instrumental tones and hits, vocally intriguing. Way cool.

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Looked and sounded good! rocking out. Nice use of barre chords and movement up and down the neck plus some good single note work as well. I thought the tone sounded absolutely fine. You are probably better trying to adjust on the amp rather than thinking a new pickup will solve the issue. If you have just picked a “stock” preset then I’d try adjusting that.

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I thought you did a great job with that. I might have to use that tip too and try a backing track from Youtube. It really brings your performance to life. Thanks for sharing.

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Great cover. I grew up listening to this type of music - takes me back :D. I noticed that your timing is really good, you can tell that you’re listening to the drummer in the backing track and you paused for the bass fills which was real nice. Very slick with the riffs at the end and back into strumming. Nice one mate!

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Hi @jkahn. Wow that was bloody good mate.

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Thanks Maggie

Cheers Jason. I found the song a good one to get into mixing the rhythm & single note riffs. And what’s this sensible talk about not buying new stuff and instead tweaking settings, my GAS will suffer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Thanks Jeff. Backing tracks help and there are SO MANY of them on Youtube. I had no idea until I read about it on the community.

Glad you enjoyed it Joe, I was a teenager in the late 90s so yeah, this was what I listened to as well. Thanks for the compliments on timing, years ago I played drums for a bit so learned how to stay in time with a band. Sometimes the guitarists would stay in time with my beat, other times they wouldn’t listen and I’d have to adjust mine to match theirs! :rofl:

Thanks for checking it out Nick, hopefully we’ll see some of your playing posted soon? :grinning:

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That was great JK. You’ve got me inspired now to find a modelling amp, I see there’s a few used GTX50 amps around for a good price. Maybe I take a closer look at them