When playing electric guitar do you use strap even at home?

When it comes to electric guitar I wonder if people use guitar strap to help with heavy guitars ?

Do you use a guitar strap even at home ? If so what strap do you recommend?

Don’t use one.

I always use a strap. Would probably feel weird if i didnt. I believes its good for safety, and positioning.
Straps come down to persinal preference mostly. I’ve recently bought one of these. Love em. No need to put cumbersome lockpins on your guitar.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Shane, that looks like an interesting strap. I presume the suitability will depend on the positioning of the strap buttons?

I always leave my strap on the guitar, and almost always wear it.

I like playing standing up and have Ernie ball strap locks on it. Which are basically just rubber washers.

Fairly universal from what I’ve read - teles, strats leas pauls etc. Some have had issues with Gretch’s, SGs etc. Re their pin placements, size etc. Probably wont fit those fat pancake shape pins. Fit my Telecaster perfectly. Tighter fit on my Les Paul, but still fine.

Does it work with other guitars like accustic etc ? Want to make sure if I am paying that much I can make most of it :slight_smile: LOL

Wait a min in Amazon it is half the price :slight_smile:

On electric yes, I always use my strap. Standing up obviously requires it, but even when sitting down I will use it. It doesn’t support the guitar when sitting as I have my guitar lower when standing, but what it does do is stop me dropping my guitar if I lean forwards (usually to access my PC) without remembering to support it. Almost dropped it a few times and I would be devastated if any damage were to occur.

Re working with a particular guitar, I’d look online for forums etc to check others experience with certain guitars; unless of course you can check one out locally.
Re the price. Mine’s in $AUS, so probably roughly equivalent to $US on Amazon.

Does your acoustic have a strap button on the neck heal? Does your acoustic have a combined jack plug / strap button or separate?


Just make sure you adjust it so the guitar is the same height, regardless of playing sitting or standard. That will give you consistent a hand position.


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OK guys I got it I need to have strap on always but I want to buy Guitar Strap Locks and I need help to get one that works good

All you need is something like this


they work just as well as some of the screw on locks. Simple but effective.


I have them and even better ones but I do not like them I want something supper secure and easy to remove and install again. I have a few beautiful straps that I might want to use them from time to time :slight_smile:

They are super secure but your choice at the end of the day. Use that link to browse the Thomann catalogue, you should find something that is more in line with what you are after. Then you can source it locally.

Personally I find the mechanical ones look pretty ugly and can dig into my body depending where they are mounted ( I don’t want to drill extra holes in my guitars). The washer style are difficult to get off yes but that is why they are so good. I found with the ones that have a threaded strap pin and nut, the nut actually comes loose as the strap moves around while playing. To the point where the nut came loose and so did the strap. Never had that happened with the washer style. I’ve have had one Gibson break its neck and don’t want to pay out another fortune to fix another guitar.

But your choice.


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OK I think you are right. Yes will go ahead and use those or I can use Dunlop 7000 Lok Strap I already have them.

Thanks a lot

Good call, sometimes function over form wins the day. :+1:

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That orange circle under the cap…recommended by many (including Justin)…I use it too :sunglasses:

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I always use a strap, regardless of standing or sitting - mine is adjusted so the guitar is about the same position when I sit or stand

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