When to move on from Module 1?

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Below in the learn section , you say that nitsuj spent 5- 6 weeks on module 1 but at the nitsuj videos there exist only 4 videos - sessions and then he moves to module 2 . Is this correct ?

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I think there’s a typo, “module” should be “grade”.

I think Nitsuj spent 5-6 weeks on grade 1, module 1 of grade 1 took 4 sessions.

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Rkr is right. I would still suggest that it is probably not a good idea to expect to advance at the same rate as “Nitsuj” (or anyone else). We are all different and learn differently, have different time and inclination for practice, and different physical capabilities. Virtually everyone here (and on other learning sites as well) will tell you to take your time and enjoy the journey.

I do love the “Nitsuj” project and it does make me feel better about the struggles I still experience.

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Nitsuj did not record each and every week of his first 6 weeks.
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The hierarchy of teaching and learning is:

Grade → Module → Lessons

Grade 1 runs from Module 0 to Module 7.
Module 0 contains 6 lessons.
Module 1 12 lessons.
Module 2 contains 9 lessons.
And so on.

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When to move on is always so hard for me because I tend to overthink it. I’ve been playing for almost a week now 20 min/day, I’ve memorized the A and D chords, and can do over 30 A/D changes in a minute (not perfect but the exercise is about speed not accuracy no?). So it feels time to move on but when I saw that it took 5-6 weeks in Nitsuj I immediately worried that I’m rushing things. My plan is to take at least a week in each module. I’ll assess my self based on the suggested requirements and if I haven’t gotten those down add another week. Hopefully that’s the right way to go about it. If you are overthinking it like me just know you’re not the only one!

Welcome to the community Alexis. This may help you decide when it’s right for you.

Hi @alexisduprey You mention chords changes per minute and make no mention of songs. Have you learned any songs using the chords you can form and change between yet? If no, I would say hold on to your station and begin to learn some songs. Not full on full tempo full workout
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Thanks! I do the 10 minute song practice everyday and just as a result know Silence is Easy (Alternate every 2 measure between A and D) and You Sound Good to me (Alternate between A and D each measure) by heart though I’m only strumming once per measure.

Maybe I’ll hold off another week and try other songs on that list too.

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In regards to memorizing 5 songs. Are people doing the lyrics too?

I’m having trouble remembering the songs more than anything.

I’ve been working on it by writing the chords out on paper and following that too.

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Jeffv you are doing the right thing. My view/approach was that I would start working on the lessons in the next stage whilst I continued to consolidate and learn songs from the previous stage.

You are doing the right thing writing the chords down, even better invest in one if Justin’s song books. Ultimately you want to be playing from memory BUT even then you might want to build a song book of chord sheets which you can reference when you practice you WILL over time forget songs so they are good to go back to.


I’m with you, @Jeffv. I’m not good at memorizing songs at all but I am able to pass grade 1 on all of the other requirements. After several weeks I have decided to proceed with Grade 2, but continue to work on the songs every day. What I’m finding is that this is helping me to strengthen all of those grade 1 skills. I have no trouble memorizing the recurring chord progressions on the songs, I am absolute rubbish at tracking where I am in a song with regards to what verse I am in, how many verses the songs have, etc. But, by just continuing to plug along I am finding that the songs are starting to sound better and the chord changes are smoother and starting to become more automatic. I think this will put me in better shape to start paying attention to where I am in the songs and the song structures, etc.

Meanwhile, the first module of Grade 2 has a LOT of new material, so I’m going to be in this one for quite awhile. That’s ok though - I am enjoying it!


Good to hear. I’m looking forward to some new material. After this.

I’m confused too Richard. On the 4th practice session for Module 1, the text says “Four practice sessions in and Nitsuj is ready to move on to Module 2! Don’t feel bad if it takes you a few more practices before advancing. Especially in these early stages, it’s super important to get your basics down as best you can!”

If he’s practicing 4 times a week as recommended in the lession, seems to me 1 week tops in Module 1, and 5-6 weeks in Grade 1.

Of course everyone learns differently and has different capabilities but I don’t think the intent was for folks to practice A and D chords for 6 weeks.

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By learning songs, do you mean practicing with them strumming once on the 1? In the video that’s all he does, so that’s all I’ve been doing.

I think learning songs with one down strum to start with is fine. I think in the new course Justin suggests this is where you start and then you move on to playing on beats 1 and 3 (so strum down twice per bar). Eventually you’ll want to migrate to four down strums per bar and then you’ll start using different strumming patterns.

In terms of “how long” you spend on different lessons I tend to see learning each module in 3 phases and new modules start to layer over each phase. The first is to understand what is being taught and absorb that e.g. so learning how to form the chords, understanding the practice routines etc. AT that point you understand the lesson, Phase 2 is putting it into action making sure you can repeat the learning on guitar (if not you go back to the lesson) so at this point you are cementing the learning and techniques. Phase 3 is putting it into songs…starting to play.

You’ll still be doing the practice and learning songs for Module 1 even when you start to watch the videos etc. for Module 2. Then your practice routine will become a combination of Module 1 + 2 AND your songs will start to incorporate more chords etc.

It’s not really about finishing EVERYTHING and becoming fully competent for each module before moving on. It’s about building knowledge and understanding then continually adding those new things into you practice and songs.

Songs are important because unlike the one min drills etc. they really show whether you are progressing. You’ll normally be stringing at least 3-4 different chords together AND the speed will usually be somewhat higher than 1 min changes.


@Dave911 Each successive Grade has more content and will take longer thean the previous Grade.

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Yes, absolutely, one strum down per bar on the count of 1 is all you need to get going and play songs.

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I think this is a really useful way to look at it. The concept of the lessons and skills layering over each other really resonates with me. Well said, Jason.