Where are the community guidelines

Leave it to me to break the rules on my first post (which was deleted). I need to review the community guidelines but can’t find them.

Hi Crystal and welcome to the Community. Now that is a very good point ! :sunglasses:

@LievenDV did we carry anything over from the Forum ? We have How To’s , Introduce Yourself and the topic on Trust Levels. But I can’t see any specific Guidelines ? One for the list ?

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Toby I think they came up automatically in the right pane beside the message typing pane. They can be turned off. That’s as much as I remember.

I’ll have to check my settings, as I cannot remember seeing them or switching anything off apart from the emails ! If I find anything I’ll holler, :sunglasses:

This was on my mind.
For the Forum, we had a registration process which presented people with dos / don’ts / etiquette / rules / guidelines etc.
And there were key stickies in several sections.
I am slowly and methodically grabbing some essential forum stuff and the guidelines / expectations will be among the things I migrate.
I may just bump them up the priority list.


I see the Community Etiquette and Rules section now and know where I transgressed. I’ll try and behave.

Hi Crystal and welcome.

You could always redeem yourself by introducing yourself, here.



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