Where do you get backing tracks?

Now that I have my new Strat, I was looking for backing tracks of popular songs to import into my DAW and record over (either for YouTube recordings or possibly to play over in the next open mic).

Anyway, I used to use a site called guitarbackingtrack.com that was all free but now see it doesn’t exist anymore. This was great because I could download the files and import them into my DAW to record over. There are backing tracks on Youtube but I don’t think it’s possible to download the files in most cases. Every other place I saw requires some kind of membership that I don’t want any part of. Any suggestions?

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Highly recommended



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Or checkout Moises software and create . Great bit of kit.


Yep, Karaoke UK is THE place to go, but its not free. Its a pay per song arrangement, but worth it I reckon.

Technically, you can easily download any video from YT, and convert it to an mp3 on the fly.

Cheers, Shane

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I would also highly recommend the Moises app.

The free version is extremely capable right out of the box.

Like you, I generally don’t like subscriptions, but theirs is quite cheap, and I find it worthwhile.

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