Where in the World?

@brianlarsen Good idea, Brian, unpinning done.

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Please add me to the map:-
#ArizonaAngie, Derbyshire, UK

I would if I could and I am sure Brian would have also but it would appear the site has been taken off air. And then my world collapsed, Arizona Angie (I have a cousin in Phoenix) is in Derbyshire. Nowt wrong with that, my last 18 years in the Uk was in West Yorks. :rofl:

Maybe this will be something that’s resurrected in time. Up shot is, don’t trust folk on the Wirral :rofl:


Ha, ha, no worries Toby, I’m probably a bit late in this one anyway. Thanks for letting me know, take care.

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Hi All, I have resuscitated the map using google maps, so shouldn’t be any issue now with website going down :wink: here is the link, @DavidP feel free to put the link at the top in Brian’s original post!



Your a legend Adi :+1:

Great stuff, thanks!

Haha. Show me the tech and I’ll break it :rofl:

What wizardry is this?!? :open_mouth:
I thought you were taking a break from your DIY to focus on practicing your OM livestream as per our Sensei’s orders?
That’s very cool of you Ade but let’s go that one last step and share with the Luddite how do I add tagged locations to your map? I can drop a pin and label it but how do I save it to yours? (Instructions for the stupid please :laughing:)


Haha I am, unfortunately the mixed up british “heatwave” spoiled my plans and can’t so much on a project I am doing in the garden, and as for internal project I am actually starting today very slowly, full steam ahead from next weekend :man_mechanic:

In terms of access and a manual - send me a DM with your google account/email (you have to have google account in order to make changes) and we can go from there :wink:

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