Where in the World?

Purely admin :wink:
I had to create a separate marker for the same place.

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Surprisingly, it appears I am the first to register for Adelaide, South Australia.

Great idea, by the way.

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Still waiting on Berlin, Paris, NYC, LA, Tokyo… :rofl:


and yet two of us from Lower Hutt. Yes that is definitely surprising!

Great, count me in Bunbury Western Australia (or Perth if nothing else)

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@DavidP any chance you could try to add Craig? For some reason the map isn’t displaying on my pc (only the markers). Not sure if it’s the site or my end :thinking:

@brianlarsen seems like it is the site, Brian, as I am also just seeing markers on a grey background. But I did not let that stand in my. I’ve added Craig.

Thanks @DavidP @brianlarsen. I had the same thing with the flags only but thought it may have been to do with being on an IPad🙄.

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Stick a pin in Victoria, BC, Canada for me! :grinning:


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Great Idea @brianlarsen Please put me on the map at Great Yarmouth UK.

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I agree, great idea! Seems Northern Europe is underrepresented. So please out me in for this beautiful place I’m living in.

Porvoo, Finland

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@laser_171825 @JokuMuu Thanks for participating folks, but unfortunately the map website has been out of action for a while and I have no idea whether it will regain functionality :cry:
@DavidP, it might make sense just to unpin it for the time being? We can always pin it again if it comes back…

The problem was reported almost 3 months ago, and it was quickly diagnosed (a token access expired), but it doesn’t look like the webpage owner(s) is/are caring about it:

So perhaps it would be better to look for alternatives?

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Count me in for Adelaide, South Australia

me too!

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Hi Brian, this is brilliant but I need a password to get into it!:frowning:

Angie if I recall right, just state your location and Brian will add the entry. There is no direct access for users.

@brianlarsen please confirm.


If you’d like to be included in the map, simply click the reply button at the bottom of this thread.
Please do NOT include any identifiable information.
I will use your Justinguitar handle as your name.
If you could include the nearest town/city that’d be great, but if you’d prefer not to, I guess a country/state would do.
You can add a short line description if you wish.

@ArizonaAngie as I thought :sunglasses:

Sorry peeps, the site has been down for months now and I presume has become defunct :slightly_frowning_face:
I suggested unpinning it so folk don’t try to sign up until it resumes (if ever). Whaddya think @DavidP ?

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