Where It All Begins - New guitar

This one is audio only. Attempting this one with a video would be way too much for me to handle at this point, difficult song for a beginner. I really just wanted to have fun with this song for two reasons. One, I just bought a new guitar and wanted to play something on it. And two, I have a history with this song; it reminds me of some overnighters on my boat blasting this Allman Brothers album of the same name while anchored out to sea, Just love this song. I’m not much for having favorites but Allman Brothers is certainly one of my favorite bands and this is my favorite Allman Brothers song.
Over my head for sure. Fast BPM song with a long solo. Many mistakes made but my favorite one to play yet. https://on.soundcloud.com/TUyUJxfJWGSHFJneA


That was really good Mike. A new song for me which I really enjoyed! You should also try some Bob Dylan songs as I think your voice would suit them perfectly.
Oh and of course we are all going to need to see a picture of the new axe. :sunglasses:

Greatly appreciate the kind words Eddie. Funny you should call it an axe. I was torn between buying the guitar or a new shotgun. But I figured it this way. I can shoot bad guys with the gun but I can’t play music at all with it. However I can play music with the guitar and I can hit a bad guy over the head with it.
So I went with the guitar! :laughing:

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Nice acoustic version of that very very long song, must be getting on for 10 minutes if memory serve me ? Good to set yourself a challenge learning a song you love. Good job.
Only one complaint, so where’s the pic of the new guitar ? What a tease !

Happy NGD !


Yeah, it’s a long long song, 10 minutes is probably fairly accurate. Of course an acoustic version wouldn’t make sense that long. Dickie Betts fills a long part of this song with some fabulous tension building lead that works into that last chorus and ending. Probably near impossible to recreate with an acoustic guitar, especially for a beginner like me. I tried to at least mimic the solo with some chord progressions (and mercifully shorten it) hopefully it sounded like something other than noise…lol.

Thanks much for kind words. I’ll work on a pic of the new guitar. Definitely enjoying it!

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Like Keith did when a fan ran on stage. Then he went right back to playing.

Congrats and enjoy the new instrument, Mike. As others have said, a picture and details is mandatory. You can post it here: #gear-tools-talk:guitars-instruments-maintenance

The guitar sounded good in the recording. Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll keep on progressing in your playing and singing.

Thanks for the Keef clip, @markr31, now we know why a band needs to be more than a three piece :rofl: Keef coming back in after dealing with the invader was noticeable.

As for 10 minute songs on acoustic, not really an issue when you have the chops, and somebody to play the rhythm. For example check this out: Slash & Myles Kennedy Max Sessions Unplugged HD - YouTube

Happy NGD Mike :smiley:
I’m a visual guy, but I think this is an even better way of showing off new toys.
Guitars beat guns every time :laughing:
Don’t know the song, but sounds like you did a good job. Decent vox-guitar balance. A couple of interesting sounding chords. Did you add reverb or is it an echo-y room?

Ignore the critics…
(sorry Eddie, I couldn’t resist :laughing:)

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@DavidP Timely link, last night my son-in-law went trick-or-treating with his kids, dressed up as Slash. Wasn’t really a good fit where my son-in-law probably outweighs Slash by about 50lbs. But the wig was good!

Thanks, Dave. I’ll get that picture out. Will be photo-bombed by black lab Roxy, she just can’t help herself.

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@brianlarsen , Thanks Brian. Yes I added the default reverb on Audacity. Hopefully it’s not too much. Just very easy to push the button.

Mike, have you removed the link?

Stefan, I did. It’s back though. Still getting used to SoundCloud. Link breaks easy.

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Thanks Mike.

That was nicely done and the new guitar is sounding nice. I hope you’re enjoying it.

@SgtColon thanks Stefan. I’m very much enjoying the new guitar. Love the slightly wider string spacing. Makes all the difference in my new exploration of fingerpicking.