While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Cover By Leo, Mike & LBro


We present to you While My Guitar Gently Weeps. This of course was made famous by the Beatles. In this case we covered the Jeff Healy Band version, as it has advanced guitar work in it. I think Mike really shinned in this one on guitar and did a great job. Let us know what you think of that and the rest of the production. One interesting note to be aware of is that Jeff plays guitar sort of like a lap guitar. Where the guitar is flat and down around the lap area, even when he stands. No matter how you cut it, he was a remarkable player!

The video has a lot of footage in it of Alaska. We recently took a cruise there and I was able to bring back some memories of what we saw so you could view them too. I hope you enjoy it! The credits are at the end of the video and depict who did what on this collaboration project.

All the best,


Haha, I’ll get no practice in today :rofl: Every time I leave a comment on a vid I see another one drop!
World Wide Media? Gotta check it out, esp if my strange Russky friends are involved :smiley:
Disclaimer: know nothing of Jeff Healy band, but hey, who needs to when you know the song?
This worked well guys. It took me a couple of moments to adjust to the American accent on this iconic song, but you did well, Brother :smiley: There were a couple of slight melody variations from the original which I really enjoyed (Jeff Healy or you?). At the very beginning I thought there was a bit too much brightness/reverb, but then Mike just went and did that Mike-magic that he does and everything slotted together.
Loved the crocodile snapping at your heels. Inspired, Leo :smiley:
Nice choice of visual accompaniment. Large empty landscapes can be so evocative.
Congrats to all involved


I will excuse your lack of practice so you could take this one in. Thanks for the great comments!

Yep, another WWM offering and indeed our Russian buds in the form of Leo and Mike had a big part in this one.

American accent? Hah, I have no accent mate. It is those guys on the other side of the pond that have the accent! :slight_smile:

Not sure on the melody changes as you would have to point to them with a timestamp so I can know the areas you mean.

I agree that the guitar was a bit heavy on Fx at the start. I pointed that out and I think it was backed off a little. I heard it more as “chorus”??? Not sure though on that. Maybe Mike can fill us in there?

Thanks on the video. There really is not much in the way of pics out there of the Jeff Healey Band!

For those that are interested in seeing how Jeff Healey plays in his unique way, I found this video that shows a fair amount of him playing sitting down:

All the best,


Only minor, subtle changes that work well, e.g. @ 1:19 when you sing ‘controlled,’ you go low, whereas the original goes high.

Haha, you should know by now that in my tone-chasing expertise, that’s the same as ‘brightness/reverb’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
At ease, cowboy.
Now where’s my six gun, I mean, six string? :smiley:

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Hi LBro and Leo and Mike and The crocodile
Where do I start… first a confession,

as a young person I already listened to this Jeff Healey and only since a few years I know that the original was not his but from another band :see_no_evil:

And I hope my neighbor who works at home also liked the song because … WOW that guitar work is absolutely amazing , I like the whole song and the video is beautiful … But that guitar :boom:

Now I absolutely have to stop chatting and listening because the kitchen and then the guitar are getting impatient…But thanks :sunglasses:
:clap: :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:
Greetings guys ,Rogier


Bravo, do love the collabs that get produced here in the Community, always a treat.

This no exception … excellent performances and production from all.

This is one of my favourite Beatles tunes and it is even better for being a little bit more rocked up by Jeff Healey and similarly in your rendition. A quick read on Wikipedia shares that Clapton asked George to mix the guitar to sound more ‘Beatley’.

Having a second listen now. It’s all so good but the guitar is just fabulous, what a tone.

@brianlarsen Jeff Healey worth a listen, in the mould of Stevie Ray Vaughan on this song (I’d say) from the album I used to listen to: The Jeff Healey Band - See the Light (from See the Light: Live from London) - YouTube


Wish I could take credit for the 1:19 area “controlled”, but I think this was more a case that JH went VERY HIGH and I could not hit that. So I went low…

Well pardnor, if you are going to be a tone junky and chaiser, you need to figure out what is making up the tone. I am curious and hopefully Mike will chime in and let us know what he used there.

Off you go to practice!

That was really cool guys, awesome lead work. Better than Clapton’s? Yeah, sounds like it!

Clapton played the lead, I thought it was Paul or John that asked them to make it more beatley, so they ran it through the Abbey Road automatic double tracker, which from memory was a tape double tracker with some flutter and a very long cable, so it thickened the sound by adding variability to the second track! Unique stuff.

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@jkahn Could be, JK. I don’t have any recollection about this from reading a Clapton autobiography. And such stories from way back in the day would be hard to fact check I guess. However it came about, I prefer the tone and play in this recording plus the Jeff Healey version to the original.

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Love this version!
Vocals is so fine.
The guitar playing is so excellent, love this recording!
Superb work!!!

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Amazing @LBro !! :raised_hands:t2:
Really well done! Love the vocals. Guitars sound awsome.
Im in awe….

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@LBro @crocodile1 @MikeSebastianP

Guys this was an awesome production and collab (and that’s a word this old boy uses sparingly). Mike was on fire. LBro great vox on this one, no nits from me for going low. Great harmonies from Leo, they worked really and I suspect the Croc took care of all the other ancillary parts.

WWM go from strength to strength. well done guys !



That was spectacular, playing, vox, production and scenery! Jeff Healey’s version of this song is my favorite, and the 3 of you have done a fine cover of it.

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Hi Rogier,
I trust the guitar and kitchen were happy with your return to them? :slight_smile:
Thanks on the video, I got all kinds of footage and it was hard to decide on what to include on this project.

Yep, Mike did up the guitars mighty fine! He can sure play it both shows and can be heard!

All the best to you!

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Hey David,
Glad this song was one you like from the Fab 4. I was not aware this was one of your top picks from them. I agree, the Healey version does indeed rock a bit more with the heavy guitar work!

All the best to you and be well!

Glad this one ticked off the boxes as a good effort mate!

I did some research early on for this song. But I can recall who drove the “Beatle” type sound! They did sound good doing it. But IMHO, Mike probably outdid them and it was all play, with no doubling type effect used!

Be well and take care,

I am glad this went over well for you. Thanks for the kind comments and do take good care mate!

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Hi and thanks so much for the kind comments! Always is a good thing when one is in awe! :slight_smile:

Be well and take good care!

Awesome job from all of you! Vocals were great, very much on-pitch, and Mike did some mighty fine lead work on this one! This version of the song is my own favorite, but I was always too intimidated by Jeff’s playing to give it a shot. Very difficult to play those licks, because of the way Jeff plays. Mike did a great job of interpreting them as a “normal” guitar player. :clap: :clap: :+1:

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Just brilliant all round really :clap: great work guys :v:

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