Who from Justins team can help with payment and account problems?

Hi, Michael from Germany here,

I have a question related to credit card payment. My credit card is charged monthly by justinguitar London (~7$) but I don´t know for what and how to get rid of this. Wrote several mails via the contact link, never received an answer. Can somebody please advise how to proceed here? I know Justin is a great guy but in this case the service is really bad. Thanks for your help.
Michael from Germany

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Hi Michael,
I’m guessing you might have (inadvertently) signed up for something like the app or theory course?
Pretty sure one of the admins (@larynejg) will be able to sort it out or guide you in the right direction.

Hey, while you’ve been handed some lemons, how about some lemonade? Make the most of your ‘detour’ and tell us a bit about your journey and maybe even share some of your music?
Servus :smiley:

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Hello Michael.
I’m sorry you are having payments taken and are unsure what they are for.
Did you set up a repeating dination at some point? Or take a subscription to a paid course? Are you able to check email history?

I will contact @larynejg about this.

Dear Richard, thank you for your reply. Honestly, I don´t know. This whole thing must go back years. I don´t check my credit card invoice on a regular basis (what would be a good thing to do) so I just became aware of this payment recently. But since it´s been a few years that I purchased something from Justin (think it was a paper about musical theory at that time) I don´t have any additional information. I can send the details about the payment as shown on the credit card invoice if that helps. I checked my mail history but did not find anything. I also don´t have any information about the account that was used so I registered again. I don´t want any money back, I see this as my own fault, I just want that regulat payment to stop. Thank you for your help.
Kind regards. Michael


@mickschindler You should be receiving / have already received an email from Danica on the JustinGuitar team.

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Hi Richard, thanks a lot. Danica already sent me an email. So hopefully we´ll get this solved pretty quickly. :pray: