Who won the newsletter contest?

Hey all - there was a contest recently announced in the newsletter. Select a favorite song using A-D-E chords from the APP (great way to show how to use filters in the App, way to go, team Justin!).

Was there an announcement of the winner? Just curious.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Yep it was announced on Facebook. Can’t remember who it was though. Probably a good idea @Richard_close2u to have a “Competition Results” section for the future.

Oh cool! I forget about Facebook - I quit several years ago and never looked back. So glad to have it out of my life.

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There a some competition type things that get put out on the various social media platforms and the winners get announced in those self same places.
They tend to be separate to the website / community pages - I guess deliberately so - and are managed by Laryne.