Wild Thing - Cover by LBro

I learned parts of this song back in my teens. Now, over 40 years later I am able to share this loose cover originally made famous by the Troggs. In true Multi-Take Monday fashion, there certainly are more than one take in this production.

Mind you this is the first time I have had a dual copywrite violations on both the audio and video. Fortunately, I am able to use the content in exchange for them getting the dough.

I want to thank Roman who lent his ears to the production and offered advice. He even made a mix of it and shared how he did what, with me. That helped make my mix better. In addition, he supplied some nice midi for the ocarina (flute like) instrument. The ocarina instrument was a tough one. But I found a sim for it. Combined with the midi, it came out semi close to the original. Thanks as well to Maggie, who leant her ears to the project too.

The video is a surprise. Just in case you don’t realize it. The Wild Thing in the video is a pitcher that is erratic in his throwing location (accuracy), and became known by the nick name; “Wild Thing”.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did in making it:
Wild Thing

Cheers and keep on rock’n!


Fabulous, LBro, whole production sounded great plus something different for the video. Two strikes (on copyright) but end result is a homer out the ball park!

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Yaaaaaooooooo LB you are the Wild Thing. Love this, growling guitars, thumping drums, tight mix and oooooooh who is that hot man singing? Best vocals I’ve heard from you, upfront, and :fire:

@LBro - well done you wild thing

Nice one LBro, really liked that. Very authentic in its vibe and the tones used. Vocals were great… sounded very similar to the originals to my ears! Keep 'em coming :wink:

Great job LBro sounded absolutely spot on to my ears.

Great job, I grew up with this ringing in my ears so am still pretty familiar with it; you sure rocked I really enjoyed it! :+1::+1::+1:

You brought the total package LBro. Well done!

Nice LBro, dude i think this is one of your best! Good job all around! :slight_smile:

Good job, LBro! Fun, happy song. I really enjoyed it. Good to hear another one from you!!

Best yet LB The vox on this is most natural, relaxed sounding I’ve heard from you. Mix and production are ace.

Very enjoyable…Good job

That sounded great. Well done LBro :clap: :clap:

Really good one LB, you got this song jumping in my head now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: top quality production, all sounded really good can’t name anything being better or worse. Overall spot on, hey you even got some people clapping and dancing on the stadium! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@DavidP Thanks David. Not sure where the home run ball landed, but I will take it!

Hey - Is there something up with the quoting system? I highlight the text and the poster, hover over it and get nothing. Might be worth checking into.

Take rock’n good care,

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for the king accolades. I have not sung much of late, but it sure felt good to do so on this one! Take good care and rock on!


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Thanks Tony and take good care!


Hey Kasper,
Glad you liked this one. I think it came close to the original too. Though The Troggs dripped more reverb I think. You keep on rock’n and take good care!


Glad this sounded good to you! Thanks for the kind comment!


Seemed OK now when I gave it a try :man_shrugging: