WIP Song233

Hey Justinians! (what’s the correct term?)

Hope this is the right place to post this for feedback:

I’m still a bit a newbie in Songwriting. This is more like a riff and a beat probably. But as I come from electronic music, this is often all there is to it :wink:

Still. It’s my first time I double tracked rythm guitar and tried to fit in a lead with that.

Haven’t got much experience mixing electric guitars yet, and even less having 3 layers of them.

It’s still WIP, the guitars may be a bit rough (good or bad rough, you decide :slight_smile: ) and the song is only an instrumental.

The guitar parts start at 1:08


Hi Marcel,

not an expert at all for the electronic music, but to my ears, your guitar parts fit in the track quite nicely! :slight_smile: The Riff itself is recognizable and rhythm part was solid as well. The guitar tone was chosen well, too. A little distortion suits the “backing track” and made the guitar stand out clear and kind of singing. Well done! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lisa for the feedback.

Even greater to hear if you’re not that into electronic and still can appreciate the tone.

Glad you think it fits, as I composed the track on the keyboard and wasn’t really at a level knowing the fretboard well, so I went as simple as I can with power chords and my ear.

Thanks again! And have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Dang man thats nuts! Sounds like something out of space lol. Your not an alien are you haha! Good job!

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Thanks, man for checking it out!

“I’m an alien in New York” maybe.
On the other hand, my home studio looked kinda like a spaceship at some point:

Now it looks different though. Removed a lot of synth and added guitars and drums :guitar:

Ich denke deine musik ist toll You have a great setup there. That reminds me of a soundtrack for a movie playing in the background. Good job


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Not much into electronic music either. In fact I always thought, I’d dislike the genre entirely until I discovered Fever Ray by accident.

I was recently recommended mindful listening, and your song is perfect for that. It’s thrilling on so many levels. I’m lacking the correct technical terms, but I do hope that I can still get across what I mean:

  • I particularly like the melody (do you call that a riff in electronic music as well? :thinking:) at the beginning - the one that is very high and reminds me a bit of a melody someone would whistle.
  • It’s interesting how the guitar picks up this melody and modifies it to some extent.
  • Towards the end of the song, this melody had disappeared quite much which made the song sound a bit unbalanced in the end in my perception. I would have loved for the "whistling melody"at the start to be repeated at the end maybe with a slight modification. That would have “closed” the song, even if it’s very much clichée, probably.
  • There is one more issue, I noticed. Check 2:27 to 2:28. You have a very, very short gap there. In my ears, this gap tells me… “Wait, more is coming. This song is only just getting started”… Hmm… what followed was a bit of a letdown, since the song ended quite soon after that :slightly_smiling_face:

Overall, I think you did a really good job. The guitar part fits the song perfectly and I think you played very well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanx for checking it out!

Now that you point it out it has a bit of a movie chase vibe. Thought about giving it a spy theme, but it’s to bright for that sometimes. Still want to try to implement some vocals or theme.

Thanks for the analysis and cool that you’re getting into mindful listening. I also try to widen my horizon when. I checked out Fever Ray. Seems like the hyperpop kind of electronic music. Pretty fresh young genre. I still have to get into it more.

Great to hear that you like the “motif”/melody i would call it.

Super inputs thank you :grinning: The original was 4.20 minutes and had a more traditional flow maybe. That’s why the arrangement is a bit rushed at points.

It’s a great idea to bring a whistling part in more prominently before the finale where many instruments play and give the whistling melody more emphasis and make it a tad longer. This could fix both you’re bullet points.

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That would explain, why their music opens up to me more easily :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear that there was some value in my ramblings :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Marcel,

I am working on learning Ruby Soho by Rancid. If I can master that song , what are your thoughts on adding a similar beat to this at the chorus? I don’t know if you know the song or not. There is a quick change from G to B to C then D at the chorus. I think I’ll either have to use barré chords or power chords to make that work. So far I’m able to but slowly. So that’s why I say if I master the song. Lol


Yo Jeff,

Sure could be fun! It’s kinda surfy and the chorus already has a syncopated beat.

Yes, I think mostly power chords are in order for this style. I’m no punk (skapunk?) expert though.

I’ll send ya a PM with more thoughts.

That was excellent Marcel. A really enjoyable piece of music and well done on the composition.

Nice setup too.

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