July 2023, Again Original Remake

Depends on what your goals are with the song. I think sometimes letting a song sit and gather ideas can help instead of re-recording it again and again (no pun intended). Focus on other songs learn some more on your journey with new ideas and get back to it sometime 4 sure.

Oh and yeah with pleasure, if you ever want to talk about production more indepth send me a PM so we could chat some if you like. I’m still learning too, but learning together is more fun imo.

Sure thing man! :slight_smile:

My guity pleasure is back :smiley: sounding really good Byron. With regards to the length of lead line I think it all comes down to personal preference. Its what sounds good to you. If you feel it needs another measure then give us another measure. The one thing that I did read or hear somewhere was to keep the track to under 3 minutes unless your an established artist (I think it may have been Paul Davids). Maybe take that into consideration. Hope you’re keeping well buddy.

That track length advice is sadly a very good one imo.

I just shortened my track from 4.20 to 2.40 and it was liberating, but also hard to let go of parts you worked on and still love. You can always have a long version on the backburner.
Still presenting the shorter version is I think a good move if you want to reach more people. People’s attention span is just ever shorter in general.

Lol Socio! Thanks for the chuckle. Glad you liked it! Interesting ive never heard of the length thing before! Is that just a forum thing?

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I guess its good its at 2:58 then Lol.

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Im good just been working 4 10 hour days in custodial at a school i work at. Got to perform for the kids there it was cool and a neat experience, they loved it and was singing along with me!!! I did part of Old Town Road, not all the bad parts. Times like these and Have you ever seen the rain songs, they loved it!

No, I’ll dm you a link to the video when I find it again. It’s quite interesting as it’s all about creating your own songs.

That’s cool that you got to perform for the kids and they sung along. You’re the cool kid at school :wink:

LOL yeah haha.

Sorry for your loss.

Your playing and singing sound like a professional. Very, very well done.

I would say, for this one, drop the drums entirely. You play them well but in my opinion, this performance does not need it. Your timing is flawless, your playing is super clean. This would sound great without the drums. Or you could try choosing a different sound, perhaps something more naturally acoustic like a Cajon could fit better.

Wow thanks man! Was not expecting a comment like that! I appreciate it! Yeah I thought about leaving the percussion out, but me as a musician and as a hobby, I like to fiddle around with sounds and try to make my recordings more full and sound like a band. I like adding the rhythm, percussion, lead and maybe piano here and there. Though i would really love how to play a violin eventually thats my fav instrument and have always wanted one. Would be cool to fiddle around on a violin in my recordings!!! Cheers! Thanks man!

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I have a cajon maybe i should have used it lol. Guess im just use to the midi keyboard.

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What track you shorten? Id like to listen to it! :slight_smile:

Just posted it here: WIP Song233 - Community Recordings / Originals (Not Covers) - JustinGuitar Community

Still work in progress. Dunno if adding some atmosphere or even lyrics.

I liked it good job man!

It’s was also something to do with getting repeat listens.

Yeah, I’d assume there are even more factors in that matter.
For me, I think it helps to focus parts in the creative process too, just for myself.
Financially though,if you ever think about repeat listens, it sounds logical. It’s like double the money per listening time. Interesting point.

That was really good Byron and nice work on the percussion too. I was getting a feeling that the percussion should have maybe carried on for a couple more bars after you’d finished playing and singing, maybe give it a whirl and see what you think?

Is that a new acoustic too, or have you always had a Taylor? :smiley:

Thanks guys! Glad you liked it SgtColon! Ive had that guitar for about 2 years now, so yeah its kinda new! :slight_smile: Way better than my yamaha that I always played.

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@Bytron08 On a variation of the length idea, I heard a songwriting tutor say ‘To repeat an idea brings familiarity to the listener, but a third time wears thin.’ So in terms of length, I try and introduce some variation in the song to keep the listener interested. This could be in the form of…

  • A bridge e.g. after the chorus is played a second time
  • A verse played differently to create variation and texture e.g different style or instrumentation, but not straying too far from the original
  • Making the chorus sound different from the verse e.g. through instrumentation, key change, vocal harmonies etc. Making it ‘pop out’.
  • An instrumental over verse or chorus
  • A riff or instrument motif inserted e.g. between 1st chorus before returning to the verse

These might help keep the listener engaged, but still runs this risk of going too long if overused. I too am always wary if I go over 3:30 - which used to be the radio play rule. Also, I find it best not to use all of the above in a single song.

Keep up the good work!