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What does “Gtr.3: Open G tuning:” mean?
I’m interpreting it as meaning one of the guitars used in the song is tuned to open G.
Or…does it mean I should tune the guitar I’m playing on to open G?

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Nevermind…I figured it out.

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Shouldn’t this be classified as a grade 2 song since it is the featured riff song in module 8.
Not a big deal, but I thought that total newbies would be less intimidated by the intro after Justin’s excellent intro in module 8.

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Hi all, I’m a newbie and I’ve just reached module 8. I have learnt the riff taught in module 8 but watching this, it seems a little bit different. I’d like to eventually learn the whole song so should I stick to the riff version in module 8 or try to learn this version so that I can continue learning the song? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum Ceylan the version taught in module 8 is a simplified version for beginners.
Here’s what it says on the lesson page “This simplified riff version is almost the same as the original.”

If you want to play the whole song in the future you may want to tackle the version taught in the Wish You Were Here Lessons. You will find it a bit harder than the simplified version but I think learning it the correct way will benefit you in the long run. Just remember to take it slow and be patient. Don’t let it frustrate it is a tricky Riff to get right but well worth the effort.


That’s a solid bit of advice and exactly the approach I took after spending some time writing it out on Guitar Pro with the guitar by my side to make sure I was following Justin correctly. If you find it tricky there is no harm using the simplified version and returning to this lesson when your skills have developed further. All I would add is practice slowly and accurately.


Thank you for your advice! I think you are right, patience is key here so I’ll take it slow. :smiley:

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For anybody else wondering about this …

There are multiple guitar parts on the song and each is shown in the TAB. If and when one of the multiple guitars is tuned differently this is indicated on the TAB, as here.
So @ajmeyer is correct.

I hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:

| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Moderator

Hi, is it me or the tabs doesn’t correspond to what’s Justin’s playing in the video for the intro (1st Gtr) ?

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Hey there,

I was never able to get past the intro because I always hit the wrong note. Due to my nearisghtness I am not really able to see the strings when standing (Im also trying not to look at the strings anyway, which works out most of the time). When sitting I am able to see the strings, but then again that’s a bad habbit I guess

What frustrates me is that I can play the major scale confidently without looking. Most of the time I get the intro right but once in a while i hit the wrong note and I start over again because this ruins the routine. After the strumming 40 % of the time instead of hittingg the A i hit the E or the D string

I struggle with this for a few weeks now and I’m not sure how to fix this.

I really want this song to be in my repertoir. Anyone?


I have the same issue, especially hitting the G string after a strum.

I’ve had some success with consciously picturing the string I want to pick in my mind while still strumming. That has helped reduce my error rate…but not to 0, unfortunately.

One strange thing I’ve noticed - I can hit the D string more reliably if I focus on the finger that is fretting the D string, and then kind of mentally follow the string down to my strumming hand, and it then knows where to go.

Sort of works for the G string too…but not as well because it is open.

I suspect this is not a good habit…just some weird way my brain is trying to solve the problem, but thought I’d mention it.

There are some topics on string targeting…worth taking a look at those. Though I haven’t had much luck there, TBH.

That’s almost certainly a bad habit…and probably just reinforces the mistake. Better to keep going - play the next part correctly - and try to get it right the next time around.


Hi! Wonderfull site to learn guitarr.
I am quite sorprised that the Tab subscription is not coordinated with the lessons.
The TAB and Lirycs information is the original one taht you can find in the web.
The strumming patern would be a valuabler aditional info for beginners.

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@dgenest @Walter1962 You’re correct. This is one of those where the publisher created TABs do not quite match Justin’s lesson. Justin has so many transcriptions for song lessons to cross reference and check against the officially published tab that it is a backlog he is struggling to make a dent in.
For an alternative TAB from the simplified riff go here, it might help: https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/wish-you-were-here-riff-for-beginners-b2-808

I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard | JustinGuitar Approved Teacher, Official Guide & Moderator

Dear Richard!
Thank you so much for your useful comment!

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Hi Walter, @Walter1962
Hopefully what Richard posted has already helped you with this, but I remember well that I was learning this few videos and how difficult I found it. I often had the video play very slowly at many points due to a setting ’ playback speed’ at the bottom right of the video… there’s a good chance you already know this, but if not it’s probably very useful … It changed my learning life for me when I read it somewhere :sweat_smile:

Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Thank you Roger! I allready knew this trick of slow speed for video playing. But I have never used it for the guitar lessons…instead I stop and rewind several times (too many… je je) .
I’ll give a try…
See you.


The beginner tabs were very helpful for me. Thanks for pointing that out.