Wish You Were Here Cover - first acoustic/vocal AVOYP

My first AVOYP on the acoustic, and my first AVOYP singing. Double whammy! Have never sung before in front of anybody, so a bit of a milestone post for me, and a good chance to dent the old ego, which is often a good thing. This one was was always going to be my first vocal song, as its an all time favourite - and has held a lot of meaning for me for over 40 years. I know there’s a few of these covers going around atm, so what’s one more gonna hurt.
Now, I’m not a singer, so kind, gentle words - or earmuffs :grinning: I’m actually pretty OK with the singing - it is what it is - and hopefully will improve with practice. More interested in some feedback on the guitar, but any singing tips welcome (and required).
This song has grown with me since I joined Justin nearly 2 years ago. From fumbling around with the opening riff, thinking I’d never get it, to trying to get into the feel of the 16th note strumming, and getting some semblance of the intro solo. Anyway, I feel I’ve made some good progress with it, and it’s taught me a lot which has been transferred to other areas of playing. Certainly still much to work on, and a few flubs here and there on this take, but hopefully technique and consistency will improve over time.

Cheers, Shane


Hi Shane,
Nice production! I liked all the lead in play on both guitars! Very nice there and shows you have paid some dues. I think your vocals are good… If you can pull them up just a tad, level wise. That would be even better. As I listen though you came on a bit louder in your vox as time went on. So that is pretty close on the level. Do face the mic though as you sing as you dropped your head at one point and your vox went away.

Over all, I thought this was a great effort and shows you have made a lot of progress in your time on guitar! Good Job!

Keep rock’n,

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Excellent performance and production all round, Shane. I think you did well on all aspects of the song, including the singing. It reflects great progress made over the 2 years.


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Thanks LB for the feedback on the vocals. Didnt realise it myself, but a good tip for me to be mindful of. Thanks
Cheers Shane

Much appreciated David. I just feel relieved to get the vocal monkey off my back, and dent some of that false pride of mine. :smiley:
Cheers, Shane


Hi Shane,…
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Well ,certainly not to much to work on …The strum guitar, the solo and the singing … Very good man,…
A well deserved applause from this side, :bouquet:

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Well Shane, you took your time sharing your acoustic chops, as well as your vocal abilities with your dear community-
… and it was worth the wait :smiley:
This is a semi-sacred song to many of us (not that you’d know it by how often it’s one of the first we butcher :rofl:) but you treated it with the respect it deserves.
I enjoyed the intro, strumming and solo-inset.
Your vox was good. There were times I thought it was a bit low for your register and a capo a few frets up might be worth experimenting with.
Good on ya, mate! :sunglasses:

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Thanks Roger for the feedback. Much appreciated. I suppose its the intro solo that needs some work - those double stop slides keep tripping me up too often.
Cheers, Shane

Ah, Shane, that was excellent.

The guitar playing I thought was really nice and you just carried right on through those little hiccups.

Your singing is also nice, though a little low, so crack it up.

An all round brilliant performance.

That Shane was truly amazing!!!

I would have no problem to pay some money too listen to that :+1:
i really enjoyed it. Its such a iconic classic and you gave it justice.

You inspired me to pick it up again and relearn it the way you played it.
The singing was spot on, this song suited your voice.
sorry I dont have any tips for you…

Please do more AVOYPs, this was entertaining stuff Shane

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Thanks for the feedback Stefan. Yeah, a bit hesitant on the singing. Hopefully with some more confidence and practice I can cut loose a bit more🤪

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Thank tRONd. Very kind words. Very early on with the singing, and obviously not naturally gifted, but enjoying the challenge of learning.
Cheers, Shane.

Awesome job Shane clearly the method you applied to learn it worked in your favour in my ears you pretty much nailed it! Bend in the intro was bang on in tune, your rhythm was consistent, well done! Definitely worth being proud of yourself you really did good here :slight_smile: all the best

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Have you read that post that @LievenDV made Shane?

You are clearly into singing and that post has tons of useful information that i have found really useful.

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Pretty tight there Shane and nice production with the lead guitar thrown in. Vocal was absolutely fine and will only get better. Well done on a great job.

Enjoyed that. Thought the guitar was excellent. Singing was fine for me, maybe need it a bit louder.

Great performance Shane, really enjoyed listening to it.
Guitar playing was spot on and your solo part was excellent; singing was in tune and maybe a little low in the mix but very pleasant to hear.

Shane, that was an all-around fantastic performance. I enjoyed that very much and looking forward now to the encore.

Really enjoyed that, great performance Shane, nice to include the solo. Your singing was fine and will get better with confidence. Phil

Wow I really enjoyed that
solid playing, nice warm timbre with a some “breathe” in the voice in the end of your vocal lines. Good tuning on the singing and not ever losing your pace.

You are ready for the stage if you ask me.