Wish You Were Here - Take 2 - NO INTRO

Hi Everyone,

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been absent for a while.
To be quite honest, I lost my desire to play.
Felt I was going nowhere
Singing is my Forte
Guitar had become a pain
Harsh sounds grating on my ears
So I prematurely ended my career
But I’m back
With a new perspective
And some much needed patience
And Wish You Were Here
This time without the intro.
It’s one of the most recognized intros in the world
But I’m not crazy about it
And it sounds positively weird from the 5th fret
So I tossed it.


Welcome back Sandy, I’m glad you’ve found new life and patience.

I celebrate you for this Sandy. In the beginning you were crushed by the belief you couldn’t sing. This is a triumph. :person_with_crown: I also celebrate your guitar playing, it’s good.

Please be kind to your self. :hugs:



Wonderful to have you back here!
I did notice you were gone. I think I sent a message a little while back to see if all was OK.

Lovely rendition of a beautiful song. You havent lost anything in your guitar playing and your voice is still as angelic as ever.

Sorry to hear of your frustration with the guitar playing. You’re among friends here, so we know where you’re coming from.
Onward and upward now! Reach out anytime. You know this community will be behind you all the way.

Again, welcome back!

All the best,
Cheers, Shane


Sandy! It’s great to see you back, I was only thinking about you the other day so I visited your YT channel. I kinda guessed that maybe you had lost the love for guitar, it made me feel a bit sad because you were doing so well!
Think of it this way, it supplements your love for singing by giving you some accompaniment rather than just singing along and opens the world of doing your own thing both as changing the style of the song you like and as creating your own.
Keep going, you owe it to yourself……


Nice performance, Sandy.

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Hi Sandy. I’m another who is so glad to see you back singing and strumming.
And I too was thinking of you yesterday.
I wrote a little comment or two on an avoyp someone shared and pulled on my bad cop persona to give critique - not that I wrote anything particularly harsh or searching as it turned out, just a gentle nudge to improve strumming. And I got to thinking about you - how I was a critical friend to you in the early days. To which, initially, you said you were taken aback but came to be glad of the guidance and help. So, yes, your absence was noted and you have been missed.
Wish you were here … :grinning:


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Wow, yes, singing is your forte. Really good. Glad you’ve picked up the guitar again. Sounded great.

Capo would be on 5 to rekey the song for Sandy’s singing voice, playing the same chord shapes there is how you do that. Playing different shapes to match the original (musical) chords wouldn’t rekey the song.

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That was great Sandy :smile:

Great to see you back, was wondering about you the other day, so maybe some osmosis at play. Singing is wonderful as always and the playing is clean and steady and yeah would needs an intro anyway ?

Hope this launches you back into learning but take it easy and work at your own pace. As I always say, never a sprint it’s a marathon at least if not an Ultra.

Take care.



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Sandy, so glad to hear from you again. I really enjoyed your WYWH, both the singing and the playing.

Sorry to hear you lost that desire and experienced your guitar playing as ‘harsh sounds grating’. I can only say as somebody who’s listened to all your recordings along the way, I never experienced anything in that way. From where I was sitting, listening and watching, you have been making steady progress in your playing and ability to play to accompany your singing. That said, inner demons and doubts lurk and can be disturbing.

A new perspective and patience is great to hear. I wish you joy as you progress again. And remember we are all here to support each other, that we are all prone to wobbles, ups, and downs.

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Hi Sandy,
I am also very happy that you are back :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet:,…I think it is sad to read that you suddenly no longer feel like it,…and I also sincerely hope that your facial expressions of loss and/or sadness belong to the performance of the song…in that case,…that came to me…
But I hope you don’t experience this lack in “real” life… …Thank you for sharing, Warm greetings from this place ,…
Rogier :sunflower:

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Welcome back Sandy! Sorry to hear that you lost that desire to play guitar. I’m glad that your back and your are definitely making progress. As for the intro to WYWH, I think @brianlarsen made a good comment on Take 1. I hope you enjoyed strumming and singing it as I certainly enjoyed listening to your performance.

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Welcome back. I know the feeling of frustration and feeling like you are not getting anywhere. It’s hard to get motivated when that sets in. I have found playing/singing with others is good motivation to practice and lots of fun. Since March this year (our girls weekend) we have been playing regularly (even if just on zoom) and it’s really helped.
I found your playing and singing to be really good. Be kind to yourself :grinning:


Thanks Batwoman…sometimes a break is the pause that refreshes. Too much work. Can’t wait to retire.

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Thks Shane, that’s so nice of you, must have missed it in the chaos.

Thanks Darrell… I lost my motivation. Been really busy at work since the end of February, and spinning my wheels with the F Barre Chord, I gave videos a break… practiced about 20 minutes a day only, skipping days. But it’s all coming back to me now… the Desire

That was great Sandy, happy to see you back at it and tackling this fine masterpiece :slight_smile: you did really well especially if you had a longer break from playing. Hopefully you will find some more time to practice and will be back at it in a blink of an eye and we will all enjoy your covers again :slight_smile: all the best!

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Welcome back Sandy!

I think it is normal to go through periods of poor motivation and will. Glad you got through it.

It is fantastic that you sing, and maybe, for you, the guitar will just be an accompaniment for your voice, your main instrument.

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Thank you Richard. Yes I remember you being the bad cop, but it was gentle and necessary to get me on track, and it helped me improve tremendously. I just fell into a slum as to my direction with the guitar, but a break is sometimes necessary to reassess reality.

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I’m definitely too harsh on myself when it comes to my guitar performances, but then I look at my first published video and I chuckle.