Wish You Were Here - Take 2 - NO INTRO

Thanks Madman… Who needs the intro? haha :rofl: I certainly didn’t. It trips me up every time on camera anyway, so I chucked it. For me it’s the lyrics and melody.

Thank you David. Still so encouraging. It’s my critical ear, but you’re also right, I’m too critical of myself sometimes. But I’m good to go now, possibly at a slower pace, we’ll see.

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Well done Sandy! Glad to see you back - I always enjoy your performances.


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Thank you Roger. Just came back from a long bike ride in the sun and decided to try out my new microphone. That was for performance. But it was easy to bring on the sadness as I thought of my late father and my two kitties that passed. I try to feel the emotions of the lyrics when I sing.

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Thanks Socio… Yes it was Brian that said that. I took that to heart yesterday. I just wanted to sing it without all the hoopla.

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Thank you Dennise. Yeah it was like I was stuck in molasses.

Thanks Adrian… I will revisit my F Barre Chord song and post it here.

Thanks Jamolay… you are probably right

Thanks Everyone for the warm welcome.

I see our photos are up in the spotlight. Nice. Bunch of good looking people up there.

Though overworked at my job and winter was long, I still kept practicing a minimum of 20 minutes per day most of the time: F Barre Chord. Percussive Hits for “Have you ever seen the rain”, not there yet. And Fingerpicking which I believe will be my ultimate destination. I much prefer it to strumming. But I am adamant that I need to finish Justin’s courses before I branch out to fingerstyle solely.

I missed your last Open Mic, but I will find time during my week off to watch it.

Thanks to all the supportive comments.

I will try my best to give back to the community by watching other’s performances.

Have a nice day, everyone.


Next one is this Saturday if you want to join the audience ?

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Count me in

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Hi Sandy welcome back. I actually stumbled across your Cortez the Killer on YouTube the other day. I listened to it again and thought that’s really good. I wondered where you’d got to.

If singing is the thing you enjoy best then do what you did there with WYWH. Keep the guitar simple. Beating yourself up with intro solos that you don’t enjoy is a waste of time. Concentrate on the stuff you enjoy. If you think fingerstyle is the direction you want to take then jump into it. You can still follow Justin’s main course at the same time.

Hang on in there. Have you noticed there are a couple more female guitarists who have been posting recently? Maybe some more female company will spur you on. :smiley:

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Glad to see you back here, Sandy. Loved the emotion in your beautiful performance. Your playing is so nice too.

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Thank you so much sorefingers (sairfingers). I much needed that. And you are so right. That’s why I published it. I said the heck with it… my goal isn’t to become Jimi Hendrix LOL. Just really happy that this community accepts it as is, no frills.


Thanks Pam… I try to feel the lyrics and conjure up the emotions needed.

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Delicious typo!!

:rofl: :rofl:

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Not a typo. My base language is French. How should I have said it?

Apologies Sandy.
That is bad of me to find humour in your 2nd language error.


As opposed to slum.

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You made me laugh… no worries. Slump is the word. I should’ve known that. Thanks

Yeah but I get another new word to add to my Vocabulaire Francaise. Got to have my one a day.