Wonderwall Cover

Tried this song by Oasis, using Justin’s lesson on it. I think I didn’t quite get the rhythm right, listening to the original. Found it rather difficult to sing, play, and remember all the words at once. Also, the voice goes a little flat in places. I tried a drums-pedal for the first time on a recording. Went okay except I had a hard time getting the darn thing to stop - think I was wearing the wrong shoes for that.


You might want to change the options in U-tube from private to unlisted. Otherwise no one can look at the recording.

I would comment, but I can’t.

For this song, I know it took me a good week just to get the proper strumming pattern. Took another week or so to be able to get through the intro!! In the end this song I had to practice dam near a month before it all came together. Without even trying to sing it! No way I was keeping rhythm and singing with that piece! Still can’t, but damn close!!

Rock on! :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

Oop! Thanks Dman.

No problem at all. :sunglasses::smiley:

Well now, that was well done! Even and smooth. Chords mostly ringing out nicely!

I do however know why it is not sounding like the record. There are a few changes that make all the difference. One is a push, and the other is a delayed type…not quite sure what the term is.

This one is not played completely on the beat. Pretty sure that is what you are doing.

So, let’s start with the intro.

Emin7 G this is where you change
1 e+a 2e+a 3 e+a 4e+a

So you are actually playing Emin7 on downstroke on beat 3 and then switching chords late for your upstroke. Makes all the difference. Without this you will never get it sounding like the record.

It is similar for the next strumming section, only this time it is pushed.

Dsus4. A7Sus4 this is where the push is.
1 e+a 2 e+a 3 e+a 4 e+a

So on the + in beat 2 is downstroke and the change to A7Sus4 on the a in beat 2.

I would advise to start practicing this painfully slow and slowly picking up speed as you progress. It may take some time to pull out of what you have been practicing already. Gotta retrain!!

Without those minor changes before and after beat you will never get it sounding like the record.

Hope this helps.

Darren .

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Thanks, Darren. I was listening to Justin play it again this morning and did get to the point where I could play correctly along with him, but then, when I would try to insert the vocals again, would lose the correct rhythm . . . AH! Anyway, planning to leave this one for a while and come back to it another time.

Oh, I know what you mean. I still loose the rhythm when I try to sing it. Not that I’m a great singer. But I love to, so I do!!! :smiley:

I know when I first started to learn this song, it was one that I wanted in my repertoire. So I took it and put it in the practice the strumming practice slowly at first. A song that I am working on that is a bit harder and will take some time for me to get. I be realistic with myself.

I can play this song at just about any tempo now because I did. Slow or fast. Took awhile for the muscle memory to really kick in and not think of the strumming.(crazy amounts of rhythm and accent practice)

I didn’t even attempt a play through till about a week’s worth of practicing the strumming pattern to get it down by heart. Refused to sing it as the rhythm would be thrown completely and the chord changes were not fluid enough. This is normal.

But now, after playing the song at least 300 times. The Rhythm is pretty solid. Even when I sing it. Took me months to get there.

I guess what I am saying is, use it as a building block A goal, I wouldn’t just shelf it unless it is a song you say to yourself “I don’t really like playing this one”.

Anyways. Hope you do, it’s such a fun song to play when ya can get it to sound right!!!

Rock on! :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:

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Great stuff Jay. I have been learning this one for ages, I can make it through verses ok the with rhythm but I find it hard with on the chorus to link the words and rhythm up correctly. So this song remains on my long list of unfinished songs. So well done for getting it out there. I was a bit surprised when the drums came in and almost transported to a rave in Manchester. Great that you kept going and it was a good use of dynamics even if it was a bit dramatic, certainty kept me interested. I enjoyed you performance and I’m sure you will improve when you revisit and have the rhythm/strumming a bit more automated.
Best wishes Alan.

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Hi Jay,

that was a good job already, well done. :+1: Darren already put down a lot of helpful advice on this one. I would like to add on very generic one: This one will take time to settle. As you said, it was quit hard getting all done at once with keeping time/rhythm, singing and remembering the lyrics. It’s a lot of calculation that our brain does in these moments. This will get better over time, the more often you play this song, the easier it will get doing all this simultaneously. This will also help relaxing a little more while performing. :slight_smile: Whenever you feel you want to come back to this one and get it closer to the original, this might help.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy your version of it. Covers don’t need to be like a copy-paste of the original IMHO. Your performance had something charming as it was one of its own. I also liked your vocals, your voice sounds really pleasant to my ears. Even though it wasn’t the same rhythmic pattern as the original, what you delivered was solid. So as mentioned in the beginning, this was well done. :clap:

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Jay, you’re making great progress with the song. I enjoyed your performance of it. Lots of good advice already given.

Absolutely. Even Noel doesn’t play it like the record anymore after hearing Ryan Adam’s cover version. This is probably Noel’s best version. Though, I do think the bluesy version Ryan Adams does live is the best cover of the song.

Best wishes for 2024

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good effort i have been struggling with this as well can play the chords but it does not make sense in my head as yet rhythm wise.

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Sounds good to me, Jay, though I am not an Oasis man so don’t have the original imprinted indelibly in my mind serving as an unavoidable reference.

I liked both versions, with and without the drums. Picking one would be a matter of taste and sensibility. All I’d say is if you want to play with both, work on kicking on the drums to make that feel smoother, a more natural flow. Perhaps a bar of 4 body taps to fill the silence and then kicking on?

Sounds very good to my ear Jay! :blush:

I can understand well this, but in the end the overall performance is excellent! I think things will feel easier for us with more and more practice!