Wood guitar picks

I don’t think about guitar picks to much.
I got one I like and is my go to pick.
Don’t know the thickness of it, but it’s pretty thick and solid. I paper punched a hole in it too which I like as the hole seems to help me hold on to it.

Fast forward to the other day.
Wife got a small box in the mail. That sure ain’t unusual since she often gets boxes in the mail. I pay no attention to them as they ain’t for me.
Well, the box she got was something for me. Know idea what made her get me something for me really.
Anyways, she says, oh, this is something I got for you.
Open it up and this is what she got me.

Well, how fun it that!
Wooden guitar picks.
I had no idea if I’d like them or not so I’ve been giving them a try.
They’re pretty cool actually. Surely more solid than anything I’ve ever used before, but I seem to be down with them.
They surely do produce a different sound than a usual pick, less clicky perhaps. A softer tone.

Bummer about the paper on the first picture. It’s covering my name.
So, personalized picks to boot.

That sure was nice of her.

Don’t know about the durability of them. I’ve only been using one of them and after a few days, it is starting to show minor signs of wear. Wife says they’re made of walnut. Could be.
I like them.
Very Cool.

If anyone is considering a solid guitar pick. These wooden pick may be a viable option. So far I’d recommenced giving them a try.


Been curious about wood picks for a long time, dont really connect to regular picks, at least when i am singing and playing at the same time…
So i ordered some wooden picks online the other day. Looks a lot like yours :grin:

I’ve been using an Ebony pick for a while now and quite like it.
IMO bone and horn also offer a nice diversion from the typical plastic picks we all know.
Old pic from a previous thread, I can’t recall which of these was the ebony vs the horn, the bone is obvious. Purchased at Thomann.

What a lovely, thoughtful gift! And not even attributed to the big upcoming winter holidays. To me that makes the gift (and your wife) even more special.

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Yes Handy indeed :sunglasses: because when it gets cold you have kindling for the fireplace :fire: :fire: :fire:


So so sorry Judi for this shamelessly selective quoting :see_no_evil: :laughing:

Greetings and I wish you a wonderful day :blush:


What tone woods are best for picks?


I have a wooden pick and it’s lovely

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I’m using same pick from 8 years it is turning black.


I’m all right with regular picks, short of I have a tendency to drop them. I’m gonna be interested to find out if I can hold on to the wood one any better than the plastic ones.
I don’t know where the wife got them at. She said she’d seen them on facebook I think. I’ll be interested in hearing how you end up liking your when ya get them.

I’d never really considered anything other than regular picks. Interesting you’ve found another material to try. I’ve read somewhere that picks can be made of near any material, as long as the perform the desired work.

Yep, that’s what I thought too.
It was very nice of her to do that. Better yet, she knew what I needed more than I did.

My new picks are safe. I don’t have a fireplace in my home.
Though they likely will be subject to being lost. Perhaps in the fancy box they came in, I’ll be able to keep them around. I should be able to. I’ve been using the same plastic pick for so long, I’ve wore the tip of it down to more flat than pointy.

Cool, that’s a +1 for using a wood pick. It’s nice to know what works for others. I’m hoping to like these too, and so far I do.
I’m so new at using a wood pick though, I can’t say what the best tone wood for a pick is… :slight_smile:

Oh my, you’ve held on to your pick for 8 years?
Outstanding! You must be very organized.
I think I’m organized, but I don’t know if I can live up to that statement. Who knows, maybe I can. I think I’m up to 4 years of playing and after I found the plastic pick I wanted to use, I’ve not lost it in that amount of time. Guess I got 4 years to go…


Good @HappyCat

Interesting thread. My wife also bought me some wooden picks many years ago. Think I had too many socks at the time and Xmas ideas were running short. They look very nice and are still unused in their very very nice tin. Ho Ho ho :santa: has a lot to answer for but I did not complain about the HB32 a few years before that ! :sunglasses:

You need to dig them out and have a strum


Nice. That’s what love’s all about.

that’s so cool! and sweet and thoughtful of your wife :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For sure Toby, Robs got the idea.
Dig them babys out.
I’m really diggin mine. Getting some real sweet tones (certainly different than plastic tone) with them wooden picks. I also like the feel of them in my fingers and I seem to be able to control string attack likely better than I can with plastic picks. Least that was what I was feeling like after playing for a couple hours just now.

Gotta agree with Patric and Jasmine too.
Our wives are really thinking of us. They know, what we really need are some new fancy guitar picks. Not socks… :wink:

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