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Love your cover, Justin!

Hi , i was watching justins lesson for working class hero , justins cover at the end blew my socks off , every1 on here should watch it , f#%king amazing ! Brilliant cover :clap:

Hi all,

I’ve been working on this song using a .38 sized pick but am finding the picking parts difficult due the the thinness of the pick. What sized pick would be best to move up to for a beginner? I’ve tried a .60 but it feels very awkward and sounds harsh on the strings. Thanks in advance

Hi Samuel. Try a .46 Dunlop nylon, that’s the next step up. I’d advise you to get a mixed pack and see what suits. The thinner ones are good for ‘strummy’ songs, thicker ones are good for picking individual notes. It’s all a matter of finding a balance.
Have a look here -
What picks do you use?

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Thanks @sairfingers appreciate the help :+1:

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Really fabulous dynamics and shows what tight, nailed rhythm is all about. Super well done! Certainly one of my favorite performances by J. It also shows how powerful a simple song can be. Need the rhythm of the strum part to ride perfectly though! Time to follow through on the commitment to use the metronome!