Yet another Holiday from Green Day recording

Well, here goes nothing… my first recording here on the forum :grin:

I’m sorry about the sound, I haven’t gotten a decent structure to record myself. Gotta learn how to do that properly.

I’m currently finishing up the Grade 2, I gotta say that in my opinion I can play a little bit better than that, but to be quite honest I got super nervous every time I hit the recording button. Does that happen to you as well?

Anyways, I’ve had a LOT of fun learning the song and I’m super proud of it.


Glad to see you here Rafael! :slight_smile: You should be proud, it was good and I am sure it was fun to learn it. You still look tense, especially your fretting hand. If you don’t do that already, try randomly recording some of your practice sessions, without any intent to post. Recording myself frequently and watching videos helped me reduce the recording anxiety, although there is still a degree present. :grinning: And it is always good to hear yourself playing, you catch a lot of details.

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Great job, Rafael! Yes, I used to get nervous when I first hit the record button too, but the more you record yourself, the more it goes away. Like Boris said, your fretting hand seems a bit tense, maybe you’re squeezing the neck with your thumb more than need be. I play classical, and it’s always something I have to be wary of. It wears you out in a hurry.

I think it’s a great first recording. Keep 'em coming!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Congrats on your first recording, Rafael :partying_face:

And such a great performance of this awesome tune! Always a pleasure to hear some Green Day, and you really did a great job with all these fast chord changes and the solo :+1:
This song is on top of my own wishlist too, but I’m still struggling with power chords a lot :smiling_face:

I’m sure you had loads of fun learning this song, and you can be very proud of it! Keep up the great work and keep on rockin’ :sunglasses: :guitar:


You definitely have nothing to be nervous about, that was excellent. I love the song and you really did it justice. One i would love to learn myself one day. Great job and look forward to more

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Great job! Sounds swell!

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Well done, very nice playing.
Don’t worry about recordings, we all play better when nobody’s watching. :grin:
I don’t have much to say, because it’s really good. Just keep playing it and with time and repetition it’ll become much more smoother and fluent, it’s just not something you can achieve quickly. And consider adding embellishments as you progress. It’s more fun and makes the song more interesting.
And now you can learn Boulevard Of Broken Dreams to play it right after Holiday.

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Hello Rafael, congratulations on your first recording :partying_face::champagne::clap::clap::clap:!!
This sounded really good :star_struck:. What a great debut :smiley:. You can be really proud of you :+1:.
And yes, I think most of us get at least a bit nervous when recording ourselves. Sometimes, I have to postbone a recording when I can’t produce anything useful :grin:.

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Bro great job

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Nice dude!

Imma big fan.

Love me some Billie Joe, I play o lot of Greenday but haven’t tried this song. I will go have a crack right now.

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An excellent performance: good changes, good strumming with some good dynamics too. You are right to be proud.


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Sounds good, Rafael. And nerves when recording is quite normal. Over time you get more comfortable but many say it never quite goes away.

Excellent work on the lead, didn’t anticipate that :joy:

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Great playing Rafael, especially for such a “green” guitar player.

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wow thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely follow them

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That was killer. You even busted out the solo… Nice. Great job


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Hi Rafael ,
Congratulations on your first recordings :partying_face: :sunglasses:, that is really a big thing for most, and you did it nice and good sounding :sunglasses: :clap:

Great job. :ok_hand:


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Very cool!!! :sunglasses:
:+1:t2:Keep it up!!!:+1:t2:


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