Your favourite song

If you have to choose just one song, the one that has been with you through tick and thin. The one you probably loves until the day you die?

For me its Pearl Jam’s Black
It just gives me the chills still today. In fact it gives me all kind of different feelings, just depends when i listen to it. Sadness, angry, happy, deepressed.

It has been around me since i was a kid. So it gives me a lot of memories from my youth. Quite easy song to play on the guitar, but it can also be played pretty advanced. Vocal is in a class of it self. i am pretty sure it will stick with me until my last day.


Yeah, Eddie Vedder - what a singer, so much emotion! This makes an interesting (but could be annoying) watch:

My own favourite is quite recent, it’s the Ghost Love Score by Nightwish.
Floor Jansen is an amazing singer! Again a review by the same person:

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Dont know anything about Nightwish. I will definetly check it out :grin:

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I actually often ask my friends similar question with a specific scenario: if you got life sentence in prison, and you are allowed to hear only 3 songs for the rest of the life. What will you choose?

I have two confirmed, but the third one still not determined:

  1. Hotel California, 1994 live concert version
  2. While my Guitar gently weeps, Santana

Hahaha… i always ask my friends and colleagues the same question with different scenarios. Typically 3 movies, 3 records or 3 songs…

In that case, mine is

Pearl jam Black
Alice in chains Down in a hole
My third is also still under consideration :rofl:

Excellent choises by the way!

If I could only have one song, I might choose “Careful with that Axe, Eugene” by Pink Floyd, since that is how I would feel if I could only hear one song for the rest of my life. How horrible!

Joking aside, “Wish you were here” is a strong contender.


Yeah. Pretty horrible with just one song rest of your life…

Good choice though :+1:

My favourite song? All of them. :slight_smile:


I love that version. It’s my go to one when I listen to that song.

The original question is to difficult. I couldn’t pick one song. I think my head would explode trying to do that.

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Mine would have to be phantom of the opera from iron maiden’s first album. One of my first albums and this song just blew me away

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Haha, I was watching a classical composers reaction to one of my many favourite songs late last night and was going to share in the what are you currently listening to category.
You saved me the trouble :laughing:
I found it quite illuminating to have a completely different take on a song I know and love so much.
He’s an entertaining enough commentator as well

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Sorry, I simply can’t pick a favorite song. Instant paralysis. :slight_smile:


Been around too long to have just one. When I start thinking about this I start a mental list of songs from the early 60s to present day across a cornucopia of genres. There are at least 50 if not more that I put on an equal level and not one that stands out above any of those but there are many 100s below them. It also depends on my daily mood or activity. Why have just one ? :sunglasses:


Im probably up there as well. But still. if I had too choose just one, it would be Black with Pearl jam😁

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I don’t think having an appreciation of music lends itself to choosing a single song. We would go mad!

But Bohemian Rhapsody comes to mind…

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Hehehe… excelent choice :+1:

Even a favourite band is a tough question. And having picked a favourite band, then a favourite album, from which maybe a favourite song.


Yep. Its close to an impossible task :grin:

@tRONd But is it fair to say if you are on the spot then the band is Pearl Jam?

If I’m on the spot then I’d probably be Neil Young, and take the liberty of saying that means solo and any band with him in it … Buffalo Springfield, Crazy Horse, CSNY, and a couple of others.

Hey that means the album Mirror Ball which NY recorded with Pearl Jam minus Eddie Vedder is in the mix :wink:

@DavidP Yes. It is fair to say that If im on the spot,its definitely Pearl jam.
And Eddie Vedders different projects…

I put Neil Young high up there aswell, the more i think about it, more difficult this task become :rofl:

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