Your level - Poll - Please select one.!

Mostly out of my own curiosity, with the permission of a mod, I would like ask you all to select an option.

** IF, you feel you cross multiple sections, opt for a mid point rather than nothing. !**

Tutors not required lol…

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grades 4-6
  • Grades 7-9
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Have you attended a club on more than one occasion (must be more than 1) else, select no. !

  • Yes
  • No
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I know the results if any lol, will be a little wonky but as I said, I’m curious. :slight_smile:



Guess this for folk who started after the courses were all amalgamated into the Grade system. So I would need multiple choice. Courses I was working on post old BC and IM now run across Grades 4 to 7. I have just gone back over the new Grade 1 and 2 again and now working through Grade 3 (again) as it incomplete at my last visit. So I cannot allocate a particular Level, which is why I always say Advanced Beginner if I am ever asked. One size does not fit all and I suspect other “old timers” will understand where I am coming from.


I would say 4-6 then :slight_smile:


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Hi Rachel …(and Toby :laughing:)
Maybe another box for

‘Veterans who don’t care/know/or forget :roll_eyes: which box they fit into’ or the butterfly box? (for me)

Sorry for this belated joke about your February/January mix-up or even the entire year


I am tempted to post Transvision Vamp again ! :rofl: I am what I am.


Funny. :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone really fits inside a single category. I answered by what grade I am actively in. I certainly have elements of all previous grades that are not in very good shape let alone mastered. (moving barre chords cleanly - cough…)

Why are you curious about this?

Exactly. I am active in Grades 3 to 7, hence my inability to answer. As I said this only fits if you started at ground zero when the courses were rewritten.

Hi Michael

so for you …


It could be quite an interesting poll if everyone fills it out… suppose +50% is an advanced player of all community members (extreme example of course…but?) then Justin could do a lot of more advanced lessons…
But the poll is also in ‘just chatting’ and well Rachel wants to know so I tell her :grin:




What are these ‘grades’ you speak of? :thinking:


Even with my previous posts, I will always encourage folks to follow the path. Then I think of the Wirral Wander and shrug (ala gauls). :rofl:

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Interesting poll. I always wonder if grades 6 and 7 are accessible to everyone. Or if it’s for people looking to study in music school/become professional and practice 4 hours/Day.

Nooooo, it is just where you end up if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, with no expectations bar learning to play the guitar. Simples, one day at a time. :sunglasses:

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner that reminds me of these words of wisdom

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THIS is the kind of information that the JG team has and hopefully will be using to look at the set up of a sustainable clubs system. Great thread Rachel!!

The one thing that would be interesting to know is how many people attend the clubs that just follow the lessons via the app or and not familiar with the website content, donations etc.

Love TP !

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Yeah, I did the beginner and intermediate courses before they were re-structured, so I have no concept of the “grades.” Ergo, I can’t help you with the survey.

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I’m feeling a bit dense here…

I have seen posts related to the Clubs but have no clue what/where they are or how to sign on for them…. :man_shrugging: