Your New Friend: The Metronome!

Do the exercise you’ll learn in this lesson for a week, and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your strumming skills. The full lesson is here!

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Justin is definitely right, doing the exercise and keeping in time at 60 bpm is much more difficult than 80, 100 and 120.


… and there was me thinking a Metro-nome was just a small city-dweller :laughing:


Love the videos. How do we set up your app to accent on beat 1?

David Bowie also had a gnome and it was laughing.


Ah yes, sometimes even genius chameleons turn to the colour of crap… :roll_eyes: :laughing:

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Click BEATS down the bottom and select 4/4 and it’ll accent beat 1 differently to the other 3 bars!

Been doing this for a few days now and I’ve already noticed some problems. Firstly, wow, I’m so inconsistent with hitting the strings. Sometimes I’m getting all 6 and at others I’m only hitting 4 or 5. 60 bpm is mostly definitely the hardest by I waver in and out at all the tempos. This is great practice, though, and it’s clearly something I should have started doing a long time ago!

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Disappearing metronome trick is awesome when you get it!!!

I did the exercise for one month, 5 minutes everyday…but, even if I perceived myself as enough focused and relaxed at the same time, I wasn’t able to be so accurate to make the click disappear (maybe once for a few seconds!) Nevermind, I hope the exercise did me well nevertheless and I’m going to try again once in a while.