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Having recently retired (!) I’m getting back into guitar using your great courses, and would be interested to have a little more guidance on making a chord book. The chord book I purchased in the 1970’s(!!) has 2400 chords but includes a large number of fingerings I’ll never use; yet all the blank pages are filled with my additions over the years, some the result of me finding the fingering for a particular sound and then working out what the resultant chord was called. In my folder of songs I’ve also tended to make a note of any unusual chord or fingering appropriate to the song. Now I’d like to put all this in one place, preferably accessible on a tablet or iPad. One issue for me would be how it’s organised - perhaps a document for each Root of an open chord (A/Bb/B etc.), with the chords for the Root sorted systematically by name (e.g. Maj/Min/maj7/m7/sus4/ etc.), and barre chord documents sorted by name? I’ve looked at the Neck Diagrams software, but I’m not clear whether it can be used to easily add chords in a particular document whilst maintaining a sensible order within the section. A simple example: if I have a document for open chords with A as the Root note and have the chords in the order Maj/Min/maj7/m7/sus4, how easy would it be to add another fingering for maj7 without having to do loads of work moving all the other chords so that the new fingering could be placed with the other maj7? Or am going about this the wrong way???

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Hello @psimester and welcome to the community.
You have given a lot of time and thought to what you want. Can I suggest you go here and offer some suggestions.
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Many thanks for the reply, Richard. I’ll check out the link.

I like to sort my chords into various groups as I am learning new things. Sometimes it my by all the F chords, sometimes by certain anchor fingers, etc. I found that if I print out the chord diagrams about 2.5" x 3.5", they fit perfectly in baseball card organizers. I can then put 9 “cards” one each page and display them in a notebook with 18 notes showing at a time. The card sleeves can also be printed in my favorite configurations. Maybe this is an idea that can help you, too. The link below has a sample page:

My Chord Book