Your Songbook & Guitar Pro 8?

I started Module 5 this week and am keen to start creating my own songbook. Ideally, I would like to keep it all digital - would Guitar Pro 8 be a good purchase at this stage? Or is it too soon? Has anyone else invested in it at this stage in their learning journey?

Have a look here Zoe. There’s been a bit of discussion on this topic.
Recommendations for Software to Create a Song Book


Guitar Pro is great but it’s probably too early for you. There is a lesson somewhere along the way, Grade 2 I think, where Justin talks about it and it’s worth getting.

For a songbook, a printed binder works early on. The summary of the songbook thread is there is an app called SongBook Pro that works well.


Zoe lots of info on Songbook Pro in the thread that Gordon linked above. Easy to use and has some good functions…been using it for a couple of years and no complaints. As JK said maybe a little too early for GP but good you are thinking that way.