EDIT -Have uploaded to Google Drive as visibility status is ‘Blocked’ on Youtube. Link Below.

Never had blocked status on a video. Plenty of Copyright restrictions, as this one also has. Can’t figure this one out. Anyway, see if t he above link works OK.

Hey Guys,

Been at this one a little while. Incredibly fun and addictive tune to play, and I think a great one for measuring progress as I keep coming back to it. Relatively easy song to play on the surface, but a hard song to play well.
The backing track is a custom one with drums,vocals, bass, and some low level rhythm guitar here and there - ie. underneath the solo, and in the chorus. Tried to put my guitar as forward as possible without overpowering the rest, but it cuts through pretty prominently. Basically playing all Angus’ parts.
Progressing OK with this one. Of course, frustrated that I cant nail it in one hit consistently, and have flubs here there - either in the intro, the verse/chorus, or the solo. But it is what it is. I think tension is still a significant enemy for me, that I’m constantly working on improving. Its a terrific teaching song though, across many areas of guitar technique. I know by the time I’ve nailed this song properly in its entirety, I’m probably going to have some decent skills developed, so its the type of tune that pulls you along.
And who doesnt like some ACDC anyway.
Production is always a stressful bother. Hopefully that’ll continue to improve, so I’m not spending too much time on it.
Anyway, appreciate any feedbck, tips, and tricks…

Cheers, Shane


Blocked in Canada.

Geez, I wonder why so many people hate the music industry?

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Well, thats not good, and unforseen. Plenty of ACDC covers n stuff on youtube. Will monitor, and may have to upload elsewhere.

Hi Shane. Its blocked over here in Norway too :thinking:

I love acdc, not sure youtube does :rofl:

Yeah, I’m also getting a copyright block, Shane.

What did you mean by that?

Hey David,

The track is a basic version with the prominent guitar parts removed. There’s some rhythm under the solo obviously to support it, and Malcolm’s parts are simplified, but there to add some breadth to the chorus under Angus’ playing.

Cheers , Shane

Got you Shane … ‘custom’ meant put together to have parts removed, rather than playing over the original.

I thought custom may have meant you created it yourself.

Did you use that karaoke site from which you can download the different parts of the BT and choose what to use?

Hey Dave,

Was planning on using the one on Karaoke UK, but found someone had done this version, and it suited perfectly. Just had to get the levels right so it was sitting back far enough so my guitar was prominent, but still provide some rhythm. The one guitar sound on this song just sounds too thin…
Cheers ,Shane

YouTube blocked in Straya of all places, but I watched the Google drive link.

Was great Shane! Rockin AC/DC and the solo too.

Yeah, it wasn’t Angus-tight, but was still great. TBH trying to get that perfection can take so long it can suck the fun out of a song, I thought you did great and I really enjoyed it. Helps it’s my fave AC/DC song too!

Yeah thanks JK Much appreciated. Yeah, obsessing over perfection is a fools game.
Moreso trying to work towards it slowly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thats why songs like these are so great. Its the hidden nuances and exacting techniques that are hidden underneath the deceptively simple structure. So the better you get, so does the song…

Just realised the google link looks a bit bodgy. Should have a put a hyperlink there. Anyway, might fix later.
Cheers, Shane

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Wow Shane! That was superb. What a way to start the day. Tone was great, playing was awesome. It’s been blocked because it’s too damn hot to share around the world. The solo was just excellent. Bravo! :metal: :metal:

Thanks for the kind words mate. Much to do to to get it to the level needed. Lots of fun trying though :crazy_face:.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Shane,
This time you are really much too critical of yourself, and that is not my humble opinion… Really great and I understand that the you-tube bots got you in a few seconds… :grimacing: :sunglasses:

This was :volcano: :boom: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Many thanks Roger. Such a cracking tune to play, and it keeps giving as you get better. I suppose the ‘criticism’ is really just a drive to always be better.
Am equally aware though of the good progress I’ve made in 3 years. And of the good fortune of being part of this great community.

Cheers, Shane

Google made me sign in to my Google account, and then go through a confusing 2 factor verification process, but it finally worked.

Nice job! But I was wondering what you were doing with your strumming hand between chords. Looked like you were hitting the strings on the 16th notes.

A different way of following Justin’s advice to keep your strumming hand moving?

Hohoho!!! What a blast Shane!! Sounded whicked! You have comed a long way my friend.
You and JK should team up and start a band, you are practically neighbours. Would be an awsome Aussie band :grin:

Sounded great Shane, well done!! :fire:

Bravo, you were on fire :fire: with that solo! One of my favorite AC/DC songs.

I’ve got a copyright block on this one Shane.

Hi Gordon

Try the link further down the thread. It goes to a Google page that opens it.

Hi Shane.

I really enjoyed your version of the song. I’m working on this song as well. What I’ve seen is I’ll have to more rigid on the strumming pattern and individual notes. I’m more of a sing and play type person so I’ll try my screechy voice and wear some shorts to show my white legs in need of sun Angus style lol. Amazing job on this Shane

Jeff from California

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