YouTube Setup - A Tour of Justin's Studio

Let’s take a tour of my filming and recording studio! I will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I create my YouTube videos. Watch here.


Great and very informative video! You did forget the trusty blanket that has been in your videos for a long time :smiley:

Thanks, very interesting but way too complex for me at this point. Been following you for many years and way back at the beginning I purchased a Rode microphone package based on your recommendation, which included a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as well as Ableton Live Lite. I was able to make some rudimentary audio recordings but have always struggled with Ableton, i.e., never could figure out how to delete a section of the recording. I was hoping to see detailed information from you on that process since all of the Ableton tutorials focus on making music, not really recording acoustic guitar. Thanks for all of your lessons over the years. Greatly appreciated.

I also see an amazing Scandinavian recliner, the exact one I’ve been shopping for, for the study area in my office (I’ve been looking for it in beige or beige/white though).

Another option is trying the (free) Audacity, which is very easy for basic cutting and pasting, levels, etc.

Thank you.
I will give that a try.

You can tell Justin has been doing YT videos a long time. Its a serious skill, as is recording and producing content on its own.

I know he has had help with lighting etc, its well worth spending time there, being into audio (and video) helps a lot as most other YT content creators would have to grab and learn all that too haha.

As usual he makes it look easy and it so totally isnt

Really enjoyed the video. Just one question; what is the hat mic that you’re using?


It’s just a regular clip on mic that TV personally clip on their jacket or shirt. Justin clips it in his hat.

This was a great video. A couple of months ago I’d watched Justin’s old studio tour and was hoping he would do an updated one, so was looking forward to it when he mentioned he would do one on his 20 year video.

Answered a few of the questions i had about how Justin records his videos, and his workflow. :grinning: Picked up a couple of tricks!

One take Wednesday??
The myth has been exposed, he is human like the rest of us.
Multi take Monday and lots of editing.
Made good viewing.

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you could also do worse than looking at Reaper, full featured DAW, not free, but cheap and with a 60 day trial period, extensive documentation, loads of tutorials available on YT, quite a few experienced users on here willing to help , and very intuitive for basic editing

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The complexity of the behind the scenes electronics logistics of Justin’s videos surprised me; absolutely, the informative video is a ten. Sometimes at home my simple guitars and amps make me just wish for a good camp fire and a good acoustic guitar with no amp. Love the Margaritaville video!