Zappa on BBC 4 tonight 28 April '23

Tonight, BBC 4 will air a documentary on Frank Zappa. Getcha some!


never got zappa :thinking:

Maybe time for a revisit then ? :sunglasses:


I did like a lot of Frank Zappa…but I knew very little about him, after seeing the documentary ‘Zappa’ I was really blown away,Wow…really an admirable musician in just about every way :sunglasses:
Have fun watching…I wait ,I would like subtitles on this :sunglasses:


This might be your chance to acquire a taste.

“Spud loves Frank Zappa”

nah, too late for that. i walked out on one of his shows at the fillmore. couldnt hang :laughing:

It’s also on iPlayer!
Must watch it, Zappa is magical!

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Dang it. Tried to get around it in different ways also using VPN. Would so much have loved to watch it. Went so far to sign in at the website, but without license can’t get any further, still up for download for some couple of weeks though :cry: - Hope you got to watch it and that it was good. :pray:

Darn! Download not available outside the UK. I’ll keep searching.

I’m a Frank Zappa fan. He takes a bit of work though. I saw his ex drummer last year Terry Bozzio at a small club with less than 200 people. Terry also worked with Jeff Beck for quite a while in the early days. I can’t explain the show other to say it was a solo performance and his drum set took up the entire stage. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

These guys were really into music!