Zombie using new app ( module 10 )

I was using Brown Eyed Girl as both a revision item and to practice the weak fingered G.

Now using Zombie by the Cranberries and the new app.

I lost time on a few occasions but got it back reasonably quickly.

This is after a week away, followed by an interrupted week.

Consolidating module 10 currently.


Hi Geoff. Had a quick listen to this. It sounds pretty good but as there is no video and you are playing along to the app, I have no idea what is you and what is the app, so can’t make any constructive comment. Sorry.

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The new JustinGuitar app. After losing songs I looked for what was there in the new version.
Playing with tone - a valve amp emulator on overdrive, pretending to be a Marshall amp.
8th beat strumming, emphasising the back beat ( beats 2 and 4 ). Bass notes mostly and full strums on the emphasised beats.
If you can’t tell what is me and what is the app, I will take that as a complement…



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That was very smooth Geoff, some good 8th note strumming there and yes, nicely recovered on the timing. Great song to pick.

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This is also to get the C right, getting better as I tried the F though that might just be me comparing the two…
Will post an attempt at Rhiannon with the F sometime during module 11…


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Keep rocking ! It’s good to see your progress. The removal of brown eyed girl gave you a good opportunity to learn something new. Awesome! :guitar:

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Thanks :smiley:

Well done, Geoff. I think you rhythm was pretty steady, chords well formed, and liked your tone. As far as I can tell you were keeping good time/sync with the backing. That I found a bit difficult to judge with the backing being panned hard left, your play being panned hard right, and listening on headphones which makes this obvious.

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Panning… Yes you have mentioned this in the past.

I moved from Wavepad to Waveform, which came free with my Behringer UM2 interface. Seems better though I can’t separate an incoming stereo from the interface into 2 different tracks in the software currently so I can play with the panning. Just insists that incoming stereo goes to one track with hard left and right separation.

Geoff, I’ve only used the Focusrite interface, so have no experience with UM2 or Waveform. I am wondering what drivers you are using on the PC. If not using ASIO drivers then maybe worth investigating if you can use the generic ASIO4All (if I recall correctly).

If using ASIO then need to do some research to figure out how to source each input channel from the UM2 to separate tracks in Waveform. I’d be most surprised if that is not possible.

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Windows 11 has decided it will use the generic Windows 11 drivers and does not allow me to change.

I can set the interface to be mono output combining channels, otherwise to just record the line in backing track and not the guitar.

Software will not allow me to select a single channel for a track to then allow me to play with the panning.

Time spent fesearching this is lost practice time…

That’s a bummer, Geoff, but luckily not the end of the world.

@GeoffMolyneux Personally, I am using this workflow for recording with the app. However, I’m a recording newbie so I don’t know if this could help you or not in your software problem. I’m just sharing it in case it does :slight_smile:

  1. I record the screen with audio of my phone using the JG app. For that, I simply use the built-in Android screen record button.
  2. Then, I use the sound of the video as a backing track in my DAW in Track 1.
  3. Finally, I can record the electric guitar in my DAW in Track 2.

I was trying to split the incoming stereo signal into two separate “mono” tracks.

I can try recording backing track as one track in the software and then record track 2 with guitar afterwards.

I was hoping to do in a single pass. I googled and it seems you can do this in Audacity or LogicPro X…

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Geoff, you mention LogicPro which I think is only for an Apple computer? You did see you were running Windows 11. I know other members have made use of Audacity for making first recordings.

While Audacity is not a fully functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) it will get you going. And if you become more interested in the recording side of music then there are many options, some free, to select a DAW for a Windows or Linux computer.

You can also use OBS to make recordings. I use ASIO drivers to create two input sources, one for each channel on my interface.

I am puzzled about Windows 11 and why you can’t use ASIO drivers with it but am running Windows 10. @LBro, did you have any audio drivers issues when using Windows 11?

Not problems here DP. On my RME AI it is full blown ASIO and running pretty well on Win 11. It might be his device drivers have not been updated to Win 11 yet???


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Windows 11 refuses to let me use ASIO rather than the WIN 11 driver. Says it cannot use a driver which is not the best one…

I already had Windows 11 when I installed.

Can you confirm which version of the asio4all driver you have, Geoff. As LBro suggested perhaps it is an older version not designed for Windows 11. I see on their website the latest version 2.15 does work on windows 11.

It is 2.15.

Not working. Windows tells me “The best drivers for your device are already installed” if I try to change driver associated with device.
If I deinstall and reinstall the device it uses the Windows drivers. ( USB Audio Codec ).

Just deinstalled and reinstalled again, now Waveform IS allowing me to select different UM2 interface inputs to different tracks.
No more changes there in Windows settings for sound, in case I lose this better setting. @DavidP
Thanks for your input…

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