Zoom JustinGuitar Open Mic Dry Run: Shuffle Blues & Acid Drone Guitar Jam

Here’s my dry run take for today’s open mic session.
Zoom JustinGuitar Open Mic Dry Run: Shuffle Blues & Acid Drone Guitar Jam


Thought I would share more details.
Guitar: Gretsch G2622 with Retrotron pickups
Amp: Monoprice 15w tube amp
Backing tracks were loaded into a looper and played in the FX loop.
Shuffle Blues in A: Improvised lead lines using the same 4 fretted notes in a major pentatonic rectangle. I play the same four fretted notes in three different positions on the fretboard. Signal chain: Blues Driver clone → Analog delay
Acid Drone backing track in Am. Improvisation on the two entry points on the pentatonic highway. Signal Chain: Rat clone → Phaser for first section/Flanger for second → Analog delay


Thanks for the extra details, Clint.

The fx loop really does help and the ability to load the BTs in the looper. I didn’t notice a credit on your YT description, so did you make them yourself? Both were cool.

Hats off for being able to perform that live, with such great feel and vibe, switching between the two grooves and tones on the fly. I know preparation, planning, and practice but pulling it off live is no mean feat.

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Thanks DP! I Didn’t get around to giving backing track credits or picture credits, something that I normally do. :slight_smile:

The blues shuffle backing track and concept is from an ActiveMelody microlesson:

I just added one more four note box and winged it with the riff-a-doodles. Sadly the backing track is behind a paywall.

The drone backing track:


Thanks Clint. I know you are diligent about crediting which made me wonder.

I’ve been thinking about using drone tracks, just droning on a chord with a drum groove. I think could be a really effective way to hone in on how notes sound over chords. Could start with just one chord and over time develop typical progressions. And pretty easy to create in the DAW.

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Go for it! Fun stuff. Tons of drones and drum tracks out there to be had. I think I’ve just about played my pointer finger raw this week. My ears might be ringing a little bit too from moving air around with my amp. All good fun!

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Sounding good, as usual, CT. Nice dreamy, laid-back blues. :sunglasses:

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That’ll happen with 15w indoors.
It’ll soon be the season to take your music outside to serenade the fruits … move more air without the ear-bashing. But then, you may get a different sort of ear-bashing from your neighbours. :wink:


Thank you sir! I appreciate the listen and comment.

Thanks Richard! I’ve just about had it with my neighbors to be honest. I won’t go on about it --just so much unnecessary noise and rudeness, but you brought up a solid idea. I have the PA system that needs to get uncorked every so often, mIght become a Friday night thing here soon.


In which case, enjoy your guitar and your garden, to heck with the pita neighbours and I look forward to your next al fresco surprise of songs and instrumentals. :slight_smile:

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Good to hear this again Clint and thanks for the explanation.

Thanks for sharing that you loaded a BT into the looper. I now realise I could do that by taking the head phone output from my AIs 1/4" jack and plug that into the Trio or JamMan as the “guitar input” and store the audio from a source played on the PC. Food for thought.



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