Am I playing music?

Hi guys,

Note: Recorded on phone, uploaded to Vocaroo.

Link: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

I’ve recently started playing and I just wanted some honest feedback.

This is me trying to make something resembling music, but I don’t know that many chords yet. Is this roughly what chords are supposed to sound like when you’re switching between them and going from one another?

P.S. Reading what I wrote above, it does not elude me that what I’ve written sounds vague and weird, but hopefully you guys get the gist.


That sounds exactly what they are supposed to sound like. you bet it’s music, and nice music at that.

I could hear a little bit of hesitation between chords / chord changes and that’s expected when you are first starting out. You’ve made a great first recording, looking forward to hearing more. Well done!


What Tony said.

It sounds like it should sound like after just starting out. In fact it sounds way better than what i were able to do when i started out.

And yes. Of course its music! :grin::+1:

Keep on Rockin!!!


Thank you for taking the time to listen and the kind words guys! Definitely made my weekend.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to have a chance to listen to a lot of live music, and everything you hear from albums or on youtube is always recorded really well and almost sounds artificial (not sure how to phrase this).

Had a lot of anxiety whether what I was doing was more or less right! Nice to hear I’m heading in the right direction.

Thank you once again.

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Of course that’s music. Your chords are coming on. I’d suggest using a metronome just to help you with your timing.
You could play dozens of songs with those chords.


Dont worry about it.
You are doing fine!!
Keep up with the good work.

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There is a lot of «live» music in this forum played from people like you and me… check it out. Its everything from complete beginners too very very skilled musicians.

Welcome! And a great start!

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Sounds like music to me Deividas.

Are you working through any of Justin’s lessons or courses?

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Sounded like a chord progression being played. Great start, but there are levels of music. A progression with a melody becomes a song, a progression with notes thrown into a blender becomes a jam. We can do our best as players, but real music comes from nature: Lay Down Your Weary Tune

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Welcome to the Community, Deividas.

As others have already said, that is music and you are making good progress in the learning.

A recording is a great way to announce yourself into the Community. I suggest you follow that up by introducing yourself in #community-hub:introduce-yourself. We love to get to know people here, a little background on yourself and your guitar adventures and aspirations, where you’re at with learning with Justin.

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Thank you for taking the time to listen and write up the comment!

I’ll take your advice on-board and spend more time with the metronome.

Thank you for the kind words!

I have taken a look around, everyone on the forums sounds really great!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen and reply!

Yep, I’m working through the lessons. I started a while ago, but I think I rushed through some of it (I got to the G chord), but I wasn’t confident that I was playing the A and D chords properly, both of which were lesson 1, so I went back and I’m taking things a lot slower now.

That’s part of the reason for the upload. To get feedback and see if it sounds about right!

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Thank you for the kind words everyone. Sorry for flooding with replies. From what I can workout I can only do one of those at a time.

I’ll continue to keep practicing.

All the best,



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Welcome Deividas, great first recording. It’s music. No question. I felt it.

Welcome to the Community @SlamTown . Your short piece is very much music, you have a great start as a beginner guitar player!

Deividas welcome

Sounded like music to me ! :+1:

You are on the right track but I suspect you may have learnt the most important lesson. Don’t go charging off into the distance until you have got your bearings. Make sure you can execute and apply all you learn from each lesson before moving on. With just an A chord and D chord there are hundreds of song to learn and practice. Add the E chord and it runs into thousands. My time honoured advice, is to remind folk this is not a sprint, its not even a marathon its a long haul and you never stop learning.

Take your time, get things right and you will always make good progress.

And if ever in doubt, seek advice.




Sounds good to me, not sure about posting an effort myself as at consolidating grade 1 myself… Well done !

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