Any record collectors on here?

And I don’t mean only vinyl but also CDs, cassettes, tape cartridges, wax cylinders, sheet music, whatever medium that carries music.

As far as I know, my parents never used to have a turntable so they did not collect vinyl records. When I was little (early 1990s), we only had cassettes and that’s how I first listened to music (other than on the radio). I think the first cassette I bought on my own was L.A. Woman by The Doors. It was when Tesco in Hungary still sold CDs, DVDs and things like that.

Then in the late 1990s / early 2000s we started to buy CDs but we always found them somewhat expensive, at least compared to our financial situation at that time. Apart from budget various artists compilations (which were good to broaden my horizon), the first original CD I remember buying, with my parents’ approval, was Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd. It even had a TV ad back at the time which makes it seem even more of a distant memory than it really is. I used to listen to the CDs (it was a 2 CD set) and read and try to translate the lyrics. I spent a lot of happy hours with it, so much so that over time the cardboard casing got somewhat frayed as I tried to put it back into the CD case.

I haven’t actually bought CDs since the mid-2010s or so as my attention shifted to cinema and ordering CDs via the Internet was still somewhat expensive. In a few years, I started to think about trying vinyl records (it was in those years that vinyl started to make a comeback), just out of curiosity. I bought the first ones in my collection in 2018 but didn’t have a turntable at the time so they served as a constant reminder to take a few more steps in that direction.

After my mother passed away in 2021, I thought buying a turntable and an amplifier would be an appropriate way to raise my spirits and to check out what this vinyl thing was about. Fast forward 2.5 years and I’m here with a collection of 90 titles, some of them multi-disc sets, some brand new and others used.

The main draw of vinyl for me are the quality artwork and the whole vibe of taking the record out of the sleeve, brushing it before and after playing, putting the needle on, and so on. I can definitely appreciate the different sound (mostly in the bass / drums department), but I’m not an audiophile to obsess over the perceived or real virtues of very expensive audio cables and speaker sets. It’s really more about the setting for me. However, I’m not fond of excessive pops and clicks so I tend to prefer new pressings. That said, I’m not averse to buy used vinyl, especially old Hungarian records or classical music.

The first vinyl record I was the most proud of was a new pressing of Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. That artwork is a work of genius in my view. Sextant by Herbie Hancock is not far behind. Regarding sound quality, a new pressing of Conference of the Birds by Dave Holland is stunning, like there was no plastic on the turntable but a flesh and blood group in front of me. And if a record comes with inserts and other extras it’s an even better deal.

So that’s about me in a nutshell. I’m curious if anyone else in this community has been a collector or has a particular item they cherish. :slight_smile:

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Used to have a nice but not large collection of LPs including some cool limited editions etc.

Got destroyed during an earthquake :confused:

I dont bother now.

At one point I had planned on replacing my vinyl with cd’s. Which at the time there was some that you couldn’t get on cd. But I never got rid of any vinyl and now I have gone back to buying vinyl.
Whenever I get to any major cities I like to check out the record stores.

Never really bought many tapes, it always seemed like I would play them once or twice and they got ate or something.


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When I was a young kid cassettes were the thing, and by the time I started buying music CDs were the standard. So most of my collection was CDs back in the day.

Years ago I ripped those to high quality MP3, and eventually got rid of the CDs. Switched over to iTunes, and a couple of years after Spotify came out, switched to that. It’s just more convenient for listening. And quality is good enough.

I think the collection inclination is different than the music listening inclination.


My story pretty similar to some others already shared.

I started with a school friend making me cassettes to introduce me to bands he thought I HAD to listen to when I started to take a more active interest in music.

My parents had a vinyl record collection. The first vinyls purchased were Queen Night at the Opera and Deep Purple Made in Japan.

Later CDs and then ripping to high quality MP3. Those ended up on an iPod classic and now I mostly listen to music in my car via the iPod.

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I’m on tidal now and yeah I just don’t bother with physical media any more, cds books movies music none of it

As with most here, my music collection is prettt much digital.
I have managed however to keep a very small vinyl collection together. Some Pink Floyd, Eagles, Supertramp, KISS, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Midnight Oil etc.

Cheers, Shane

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I still have a record deck and amp also got about 70 records some were damaged during storage, the normal stuff like Pink Floyd, Thriller, Thin Lizzy double live and dangers, Ian dure, Elton John etc… and all the Queen until inuendo that I had to get on CD as I could not get then.

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I’ve got a few CDs but most of my treasures are on digital (cloud) storage in low loss high quality format. Anything else would just take up too much space in the house :laughing:

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Yes me!

I am always listening to music, multiple albums a day, and 90% of the time it is on a physical format. Cds and records mostly but I have a small collection of 78s and cassettes.

I started collecting vinyl when I was a university student in the early 2000s. Back then everyone was throwing out their records so I was buying classic albums for a couple of dollars each.

What drove me was partly the romance of it but mostly it was the only way I could afford to listen to all the music I wanted to.

Sound quality was not a factor. No one was buying new vinyl or cleaning it up properly so you probably would have been laughed out of town if you suggeted vinyl had a superior sound. Pretty much my whole vinyl collection is second hand.

Vinyl is too expensive these days so I am mostly buying second hand CDs. Same thing as before. Everyone else is throwing them out so I am buying them (although the last couple of years CDs have also started to go through a bit of a revival).

Pretty much everything digitised these days but I have extensive vinyl collection, up in the loft, which I have not looked at since we unpacked the storage back in Feb 2012. God knows what state they are in due to the temperature up there ! They were well packed when we left the UK and hopefully not melted. Our old HiFi “record player” died early 2011 and I never got it fixed before we headed to France. Got some fairly rare LPs and lots of collectables. But for listening, the music is either on the PC (about 170gb) and more recently I am using Spotify and discovering some great new bands.


I started collecting vinyl back in the '70’s and have 100’s in my attic. A lot of these where then bought as CD versions together with a lot more, so now have 100’s of CD’s. I also have 100’s of ‘footwear’ on CD as well.

I didn’t really collect commercial tapes but have 100’s from tape trading of live concerts with people around the world. This has now been superseded by torrents!

Most of my CD’s have been digitised and are stored on my Brennan B2 which allows easy access. This has been discontinued and is superseded by the B3. The B2 does what I need it for. B2 Overview – brennan

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I was a music junkie in college. A couple of my good friends were DJs at the local radio station, and we used to go to a used record store about 20 miles away every weekend. I was fond of half-speed masters and Japanese pressings at that time, so I have some fairly valuable items in my collection. I still play them, though :wink: I’ve also gotten into collecting vinyl again, but mostly new vinyl, and have a renewed interested in the jazz greats like Davis, Coltrane, Blakey, Sonny Rollins, etc. The Blue Note reissue recordings sound amazing. However, my most prized possession is probably an original Japanese pressing of Wish You Were Here.
I’ve also got a few hundred CDs of various types of music. I recently spent about 4 days ripping them all to FLAC files to listen to with last years’ Christmas present to myself, Denon Perl Pro Wireless earbuds. They perform an audio test of your hearing and adjust the sound accordingly. I actually got a little choked up the first time I heard the ‘before and after’. I had no idea what I’d been missing.


You might be surprised to learn that there has been a rise in vinyl LP sales for 17 years in a row. There are now more LPs sold than other physical mediums (CD, tape, etc.) - 54.4% of all physical media sold. When you throw in digital (e.g. MP3s), that number is still a whopping 44%.

I recently heard that compact cassettes are starting to come back into fashion although, if true, I don’t know why.

I understand having physical media is nice; vinyl is very tactile, and it comes with a ritual that many enjoy, not to mention those, often gorgeous, album covers. CDs are less so, but still quite physical and with better fidelity.

I can’t think of a single redeeming benefit of cassettes other than, at the time, they were the only record-able medium most people had. They are unreliable, wear out quite quickly, are very prone to damage, suffer from crappy sound quality and are clumsy in operation.

But, apparently, some artists are selling their music on cassettes despite the fact that working cassette decks have been as rare as hen’s teeth for the last couple of decades, which has spurred a small renaissance in manufacturing of these obsolete devices.

If this trend for obsolete, crappy technology for the sake of fashion continues, the re-introduction of 8-Track cassettes and wax cylinders seems inevitable.

What a funny world we live in!




:scream: and Mk II Escorts ? :sunglasses:

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Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Should be Mk 1 Escort, passed my test in one. In its time a lovely car to drive. :oncoming_automobile:

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If its not a wax cylinder is it even real music?


Yeah but the MkII was a POS hence the reference. Heck rather have a 107E if you can remember the old Anglias. Folks in the States were driving Mustangs and Challengers at the time, we had Zodiacs, Anglias and Escorts. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Used to have quite a few vinyl records… probably around 75-80. When I married, my wife had more than I did. Kids came along, the turntable died, we eventually sold the home stereo system when we needed the money for sick child care…
Cleaning closets several years late & came across these boxes of old records & gave them away to Goodwill (a non-profit that benefits the poor or disadvantaged). At the time, new turntables were either really cheap or audiophile level & really expensive + we didn’t have a home stereo system to hook one up to.
Fast forward several years & I was at one of those 2nd hand music stores looking for something guitar related when I see a Beatles White Album on the wall, behind glass & for sale. They were asking $1000 for it. We gave away 2 of them… So I ask the guy about approximate prices for some of the albums in our collection… early Beach Boys, Santana, The Who, I mean I could go on & on… turns out that we probably gave away over $10,000 worth of albums if we’d just kept them in that closet for a couple of more decades!!!
Oh well, we DID really need the closet space at the time!!!
:astonished: :poop: :sob:


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