Backing Tracks

I am trying to locate where I can get backing tracks with just drum and bass for selected songs. Does anyone have any advice.


Download your instrumental songs in MP3 format - Custom Backing Tracks - Karaoke Version (

You have to pay a small fee but the benefit is you can remove any instrument you want, even vocals.

I’ve used them my self for many of my covers. They aren’t the original recording but many sound really good. Let me know if you need an example and I can link you to one of my covers to you can see the quality.


I just popped up to the site. It is just what I am looking for. One on my playlist is Taking It Easy by the Eagles and they have the live version of it on the site. Totally Rocks! Thank you!


This is gold! Thank you for sharing. I wasn’t sure how folks were creating backing tracks and wondered whether they were removing instruments somehow in a DAW.

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You can also search youtube for guitar backing tracks, and use a youtube downloader to get the mp3.


All great stuff, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for that tip. I’ll try that today.

Thank you for sharing this site. I have bookmarked it!!!

I have been using this for a few days and it is really great. You can mix your own MP3 and download it as a backtrack for practicing. The choices of what you want to include on the MP3 allow you to make your own custom backtrack. Thank you again for the link and response.

2 Likes : upload your own mp3 and separate vocals, guitar, drums etc. with their AI software. 5 free uses per month.

No Problem! Really glad you found that website helpful. I found out about it when someone else on the forum used it for their covers. It’s helped me so I mention it whenever anyone asks about backing tracks.