Brian Larsen - July 2022 - Evelyn, Evelyn (Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley) + First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen) + Strange Life (Firewater) + Did You See Him Cry (Pavlov's Dog)

Same here JK usually AVOYP gets busiest when I am unable to watch stuff over :laughing:

Brian another fine performance, loved change if dynamics here and there. I think you totally got rid of red light syndromme and you are able to pick up guitar and make a show without even a snap of your fingers, really impressive quality to have in your arsenal! All the best B!

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@DavidP Cheers David
Yes the HB is my ‘go-to’ at the moment and as mentioned, I have developed a habit of wiggling the stick at the end. It’s just fun. That’s where all comparisons with EVH end… :rofl:

@RonG Love that you loved it
Appreciate the listen and comment :smiley:

@sairfingers Haha, wouldn’t want you to think that I was neglecting all my ‘unsung heroes’
Yes, it’s definitely worth twiddling all the knobs on the Trio to find the most suitable match. I find the folk setting often gives an energetic vibe to punky songs :laughing:

Well, thank you, kind Sir! :laughing:

@jkahn & @adi_mrok
Much appreciated, both of you, I’ve decided I’m never going to ‘catch up’ and follow all the activity that goes on here, but more importantly not feel guilty about it. I always appreciate when folks comment, but never mind if they don’t. Whenever an old/familiar name pops up, I always think ‘oh, that’s nice’ rather than ‘where have they been?’.
Summer has been a time of lesser activity for me in the past and I can see the same happening now, so I shall be ‘unapologetically erratic’ in the Community :rofl:
(Pretty sure I will still find time to do a fair bit of ‘lurking’)


Another fun, enjoyable, great rhythm, performance. Like Adrian implied, not a shy bone in your body. Wish I had even a quarter of your “extrovertedness”. It truly was a good performance. Loved it.

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That was great. Were you strumming with your finger tips?

@pkboo3 Cheers Pam,
I cringe like everyone else at some of the things I say/do -
I just think the interaction is worth the risk :laughing:
Much appreciated

@EndlessRepetition Thanks Leon,
Yes, you would have thought after four years of strumming, I would have cracked the art of holding a bit of plastic between my thumb and index, wouldn’t you? :roll_eyes:
It’s on the ‘list’

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I’ve been a bit less active in the Community recently but putting my time to good use trying to learn songs.
Here’s a half-baked one that incorporates a couple of things I haven’t done for a while.
There’s some arpeggiated picking of sorts in the beginning (TE-style, @roger_holland :wink:)
I not only programmed my trusty Trio+ but employed my footswitch to change guitar amp presets as well. (It never ceases to amaze me how such a small thing of pressing switches can throw off my whole concentration)
The original has a lot of sumptuous instrumentation and when I cut it down to just verses and chorus, I felt it was too short, so took the liberty of writing a second chorus.
(I bottle the transition after the first pre-chorus but do better on the second one, so didn’t bother re-recording.)

Oh yes, there was a (mainly guitar) music instrument sale in our local arts centre yesterday. Lots of bargain toys for sale, and I nearly made a spontaneous purchase of a ‘charango’ (not armadillo, though), but settled for a comfy thick leather strap, which I’m sporting.
I have seen my name being taken in vain on other folks’ threads and even if I’ve refrained from commenting, I’m making notes of names, monsieur :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No need to comment, as it’s a busy place these days, as well as holiday season an’ all.
Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves :sunglasses:


its a sad song.
just in time for Monday?
but it’s a good performance and a cool strap!

Hi Brian…
That was a lovely song to listen to :sunglasses: :clap:… a bit difficult to watch with the delay between image and music…
I also really liked the beginning alternating to the rhythm guitar…
And that guitar strap looks nice and comfortable and sturdy… :sunglasses:
And you’re going to wait for a totally inappropriate wammybarrr :joy:…but luckily, now it really couldn’t :sweat_smile:

Lovely jubbly !!

Sounding good Brian with lots of tasty things going on.
Resisted the urge to play the OT as I only have vague recollections, which might have been caused by it surfacing on the old forum. But I think that had been from a “listening to” post and not a cover.

Your comment about the foot pedal jig made me laugh. Seems so simple just stomp on the required beat and carry on. Only to find that bar actually went 1 1 2 3 4 :rofl: It took me a while to play sing and stomp at the right time and its still a bit WIP, so keep at it my friend !


@crocodile1 Cheers Leo,
Sad songs are the best :smiley:
In fact the one I’m just starting to learn now has been called “one of the gloomiest hit singles in all of 1960s British rock” :rofl: I hope I can get it to an acceptable level…

Ah yes, the return of the ant-lover… :laughing:
I used to record video and audio on my phone, but the files took up a lot of space and were a bit of a pain to transfer to pc. Now I record a much smaller audio file with my phone, and record video on my pc webcam. Unfortunately, the cheap movie app I use to combine the two, does not allow for small shifts in sound, so there’s often a bit of a mismatch.
I’ll have to remedy that when I go commercial :laughing:

You’re memory serves you well indeed, Master.
'Twas a cover of Gold Nuggets by said same band, which I shared on 't forum :smiley:

You’d think, we who have so much practice 'putting our feet in it’, could at least do it in time to a simple 4/4 :roll_eyes: :rofl:


You made it a melancholy Monday which turned into a teary Tuesday. That was a sad song Brian that was very well delivered. I didn’t notice the pedal throwing you off though, so, as always you are the consummate professional.

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Really great little bit of electric fingerstyle in your intro there Brian. As usual you’ve put together a performance full of feeling and vocal emotion. Well done. I didn’t notice any button pressing hiccups.
Lots of barre chords in that one which you played effortlessly too.

I know the finger tip strum is your thing but I can’t help thinking you could up the guitar dynamic by using a pick. I don’t mean thrashing away with one, I mean using a very light stroke which you could vary more than your fingertips allow.

I’m looking forward to, and trying to guess, what the gloomy ‘60s song is you’re currently learning. :smiley:

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err… we don’t share the ‘outtakes’ :rofl:, but thank you.
I was pleased enough with writing that extra chorus in a similar style :smiley:

@sairfingers Cheers Gordon.
There are some things that I avoid, as I have no particular interest in them (yet) like reproducing particular tones for recording etc. Not using a pick is not one of those. It truly is something I would like to do, and will eventually learn (a bit like the Wish you were here intro :rofl:)
I am a lazy bugger!

Don’t hold your breath. It will take a while (and may not happen at all).
I’m offsetting the gloomy one with the ‘cheesiest’, most over-the-top 60’s song ever written as well.
Put that in your thinking cap and smoke it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ken Dott… :sob::joy:

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That was as entertaining as always, Brian. Your ability to sing and play with feeling always leaves me feeling wishful … you make it looks so natural and easy.

I figure the Trio kicked in with the strumming. On this setup I wasn’t hearing the Trio drummer well enough for it to feel like it was part of the song versus a click track in the background that was just intruding enough to be overheard.

I also noticed no whammy flourish to end this one.

Ah, a Beatles tune per chance?

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The Beatles. Cheesy! How very dare you!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I wondered who might take the bait and you were right up there among the most likely, Gordon :grin:

Funnily enough I was at a study group yesterday and someone was lamenting some of the super cheesy local ditties that get airplay and sales locally, the state of modern music. I had to remind him of Love Me Do. Though I would not be suggesting that it would count as over-the-top.

I better stop before you offer a reward for my head …

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Yes the early stuff was a bit ‘cheesy’. Boy meets girl, holds hands, loses girl etc etc. All very much written with the teenage girl fan base in mind at the time.

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And I think characteristic of a lot of the pop music of the 40s/50s/early 60s.

I recall Keith Richard’s talking about the music he listened to growing up, that his mother played. There was lots of jazz but also the pop: “I’m a blue tooth brush. You’re a pink tooth brush. We met by the bathroom door”

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Aha David. Max Bygraves. You might just have solved the mystery of Brian’s (@brianlarsen) next song.