Bytron08 - September 2022 - Neil Young, Theory Of A Deadman, Roxette, BB King, Nirvana, U2, Fleetwood Mac & Stone Sour

Hi Byron,
Nice playing and singing :sunglasses: :clap:

Greetings Rogier

Cracking cover Byron, you’re killing it at the moment! You’re certainly seeming at one with the Tele!

That was great Bytron really nailed this one down!

Another good one Byron

Glad you guys enjoyed it!

Heres another!! :slight_smile: Still Havnt Found What Im Looking For Cover - YouTube


I saw these guys live once it was awesome!

Sounding good Byron. The spotlight was on you and you delivered.

Nice work Byron. I have also had the pleasure of seeing U2 live and this brought back some good memories.

Thanks guys im gonna try to do this one with my mother!! :slight_smile:

Nice! I love this song - well, I love the whole album actually, so if you feel like doing more… :grinning:

Another U2 gig attendee here (4 times I think!) so that qualifies me :wink:
Another great performance Byron, certainly made that one your own, bravo!

Nice one, what a great band.

Thanks Guys!

Sup guys heres YET another one Lol. Im on a role again! Enjoy! LandSlide Cover - YouTube


You sure are, Bytron, let the good times roll!

I cherry-picked and chose this being the song that I really like of the three.

As always you manage the playing and singing without a problem. The hybrid picking in the intro and between verses is especially impressive. Guitar sounded fabulous.

To raise the bar, the performance felt a little rushed through to me, kind of like you played it just for the sake of playing it and making the recording. Given this is a ballad, an introspective song expressing deep emotions, I’d like to see you play it with feeling, put your heart and soul into it as well as your energy to play.

I’m also not so sure about the body taps on this one. That tapping is a reguylar feature of your renditions, and often works really well. But for this song, perhaps for the reasons I mentioned above, I’d rather let the chords/notes ring into silence if there is a pause rather than feeling that with taps. Just my feeling of course, quite a subjective thing.

When’s the next OM?

Thanks David! Its this thursday! Dont know if ill make it though cus im having a really bad toothache right now

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Your picking and strumming is always fantastic to watch and listen to mate. It’s very impressive. Some really good advice from @DavidP.

Eish (as we say in South Africa) that doesn’t sound good, Bytron. Hope you get over it quickly and perhaps best to get yourself to the dentist tomorrow.

Another good cover Byron. Always a pleasure to view your video’s.

I hope you got your toothache sorted.