Celebrating a New Guitar Day

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
Thomann dropped a parcel off
And that’s enough of that


Just testing.



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That would be telling now. But its all Richards fault, with a little “help” from Darrell !

I think I know what is in the box. Got a couple of options, but just depends on how big you went. But mum’s the word (not grease) :zipper_mouth_face:

Ewww, I be curious :guitar: ?

T-5 :grinning:
Boy its hard walking past a big box most days, knowing what’s in there and waiting to get your hands on it.
So if I have to wait, sorry peeps so will you. :sunglasses:

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I’m guessing that someone must have been a very good boy this year :innocent:

Well I am not sure about that but I do have a very understanding wife, who happens to be a prolific knitter and how may coloured sheep do you see around these days ? I rest my case.
:sheep: :rainbow:

Toby, you tease.

There had best be a photo of it on here by not later then 10am Christmas morning. :grinning:

With my wife’s health and my dog walking duties, that will be a stretch for the real deal, assuming something is in the box :wink: But I guess I could always share a link or two ?

The box is big? :crazy_face:
Oh my …

Are you fishing MrC ?

Part 1

You big T-E-A-S-E

Come on already.

Did I not say I would drag it out. Anyway we will not be opening pressies for a while !

Part 2

There could be some more like this :wink:

Have you started a he tradition of (un)Boxing Day being the 26th :joy:

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You just need a little patience peeps

Part 3


Anxiously awaiting the full unveiling and first performance :slightly_smiling_face:

Well Tom I guess you deserve a little peek as well.

Part 4

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A few more clues peeps

Part 5