Check out the moises app

I’ve not installed it yet, but certainly will soon. I use a couple of other apps that give me the chords for any song. This app does a lot more than that.


Great App, easy to use, used it for a couple of years now!

Hi Tony
Very interesting, I Must check it out. I was just watching @BigLuc playing to For What it’s worth and thought that looks like fun

Yes, I highly recommend this app. I’ve isolated some killer drum beats for practice as well as extracting backing tracks from youtube lessons. I give this app five :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: cuz it’s the shizzitt. :slight_smile:


I’ve downloaded the app and tried it out. Very impressed so far. Yay. More excuses for not getting on with my ear training so I don’t need such apps :wink:

Looks very cool, am going to try it out. I like the idea of being able to take out the guitar part and play over the vocals and rhythm or just listening to the guitar. I’ve tried a few apps that all do clever things and if you took the best bits of each of them, you’d have a killer app but so far I’m yet to find one that quite works for me as a beginner

I’ve just heard about this app. I’ve had Transcribe for a while but not found it very successful for isolating bass. I tried Moises and it was very good at doing it. I see there is a premium version. Is it worth the subscription?

I thought the free version was very capable.

But it was so well done, and subscription was only about $5 Cdn a month, so I just subscribed.


Still exploring, but currently I’m using it to:

  1. Mute vocals, reduce tempo, and add “smart metronome” to learn a complex guitar rhythm.

  2. Mute other instruments so I can focus on the singing and practice the melody

  3. Change the key while using capo, to find the best key that matches my voice.

  4. Exported a backing track with the bass enhanced, so a friend could learn it on the cello.

This all works smoothly and seamlessly…better than any other app I’ve used.

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I envisage doing all of that.

The only thing that I think Moises is missing is looping.

Currently I’m using Moises to slow down and add metronome click, and then export to Anytune for looping difficult sections.

With looping, I think it would truly be a killer app.

Unfortunately looping is probably the single feature I want the most out of one of these sort of apps so it’s a real deal breaker to me. If I’m trying to learn a song then I’ll want to hear a section over and over until I get it right.

Of the apps I’ve tried I’d say that Capo has the best looping of any of them but unfortunately it lacks a lot of other features so I wouldn’t recommend it.

For my needs I’d say “Chord Ai” is the closest to having a full feature set and doing everything I want. Also it is being actively developed and I regularly see updates to it adding new features. Of the other apps I’ve tried (Anytune Pro, Capo, Moises) the updates are somewhere between rarely and never.

in the PAID version of Moises you can loop any section or all.
And in free version–just tried.

Interesting although looking at the version on my iPad, it’s not at all obvious how to do it. It’s much easier if you have an app that shows a waveform of the track that you can drag out a region to loop on (or maybe it does and I haven’t found that either!!!)

@mattswain i am using it on PC and it does indeed have a waveform that you drag the sliders to fit.

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As far as I can tell, looping is not supported on the iPad yet.

Exporting from Moises to Anytune is the best solution I’ve found so far. And Anytune let’s you set your loop points on the waveform view.

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Just use the web app on Safari?

I found the web app much more limited…has it been upgraded?