Come as you are - Nirvana (Second AVOYP)

My first AVYP was a Christmas fingerstyle song in December (audio only).

I think that I made great progress since December. For my second AVYP, I decided to make a video of a rock song : Nirvana - Come as you are.

I learned a lot of simplified version of songs with the JG app, but now my goal is to pratice songs from memory with original backing track.

I removed the original guitar from the backing track with the app Moises and I played along with the band :smiley: It was really cool.

It was definitely harder than learning only the riff in grade 1. Playing the whole song involved a few challenges for me:

  • Fast tempo
  • Keeping the timing of the riff during the whole song
  • Moving from riff to chords
  • A weird barre chord (F#sus4)
  • New tuning (D standard)
  • Learning to play with my new virtual amp and pedals (Neural DSP Gojira with chorus and overdrive pedals)
  • Toggling the overdrive pedal (on/off) during the song with Reaper midi automation
  • Learning video editing and synchronization of audio and video.
  • Trying string bending for the first time in the solo

The video is not perfect, but I’m definitely happy of the progress I made since joining JustinGuitar. :slight_smile:


Hey Mathieu, that was rad! :metal::sunglasses: Like you say, so many aspects of guitar (and recording!) to put that together, well done, an outcome to be very proud of! Great to see the leg tapping along with the beat throughout and the main riff you’ve got well under your fingers. Power chords sounding great too. Excellent progress, looking forward to seeing what’s next :grinning::+1:

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Well done, Mathieu. Sounded pretty good throughout and showcasing lots of learning. Keep rocking on!

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:point_up_2:this is what it’s all about :+1:

Sounding good and you seem to be progressing really well, keep at it :v:

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Sounds great!

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sounds really good and it looks like you had a lot of fun playing this :slight_smile:

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Well done!! Definitely some tricky stuff going on there. Your rhythm was steady and it sounded great!! Keep it up.

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Hi Mathieu,
That was great :clap: :sunglasses: …your 2nd ??? set the bar nice and high for yourself :grin:
you put a lot of work into it, and it paid off now and later on it will also do you a lot of good :sunglasses: … you also radiated fun :smiley: :sunglasses:
Thanks ,Rogier

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@nzmetal @DavidP @Chazzo78 @lraesly @sundog90 @Traveler @roger_holland

Thank you all for your kind words. I appreciate it very much that you took the time to watch the video and write a nice encouraging message. Learning an instrument is hard, but kind messages like that put my motivation high :slight_smile: I’ll check them back if I ever feel discouraged when starting grade 3 ! :slight_smile: Thanks again and see you around in the community !


That was cool Mathieu! Really well played. Nice rythm.
You rocked that solo :fire:
Well done! Keep it up :grin:

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Great stuff! I’m a big fan of Moises, really cool tool.
Can I ask how you recorded and mixed your guitar with the other tracks?
Keep it up!

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I just checked Moises out - wow! Head and shoulders better than others like Chordify and Chord AI.

Very cool, Mathieu! So much progress on so many levels.

I’ve only played the riff, but I found the timing surprisingly difficult considering it can be played with just two fingers. It never felt quite right for me…it never “grooved”.

I watched Justin’s lesson on the full song, and noticed that he was playing it with all downs, and I was playing with up/down alternate picking (like you are).

I found that when I switched to all down picking, it seemed to flow much better for me. I also found it helped to keep my arm moving at all times - “picking in the air”, if that makes sense.

Just something I thought I’d pass on - but overall, this is a great performance of the whole song…motivated me to add it to my list of “Someday I will learn this” songs.

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@tRONd Thank you tRONd for your nice comment. This was my first solo and I got lucky because it’s not a difficult one. :slight_smile: Hopefully, I’ll revisit it later when I learn more about string bending in the course.

@KevinKevan Thank you Kevin for watching :slight_smile: Sure, here is how I recorded the song. It was definitely a fun project to learn working with DAW software (Reaper).


  • For the backing track, in Moises, I muted the guitar track and I put the vocals, battery and bass tracks at 100% volume. Then, I exported the mix to a .mp3 file.

Audio interface

  • I plugged my electric guitar directly into my Focusrite audio interface. This is because I use a virtual amp plugin (Neural DSP Gorilla) in my DAW instead of a real physical amp.
  • For physical amp, some have 1/4" output for audio interface. Or they can be mic.

I did all the recording in my DAW Reaper with 4 tracks.

  • 1st track : The main guitar
  • 2nd track : (Optional) You will not need that if you use a physical amp with pedals. With my virtual amp plugin, I send a midi signal when I want to toggle on/off the overdrive pedal.
  • 3rd track : Guitar - for the solo
  • 4th track : The backing track without guitar from Moises



For the mixing part, I simply lowered a little bit the volume of the BT and increased the guitar ones in Reaper with the switch. The solo is the one with the highest volume.

I guess that the mixing could be improved, but I’m not really familiar with this process.

Audio - video synchronisation

  • Then, I sync the video from my phone with the audio from Reaper (.wav file) with the free video editing software Davinci Resolve.

Thanks for all the detail! This whole thing is like learning another instrument.
One more question, is there a reason you used one Moises BT with all the instruments? I noticed the app gives you the option of exporting the tracks individually (drums, vocals, bass) so I’m curious about that.
Cheers, very impressive performance and video/audio quality for a 2nd video!

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@Tbushell Thank you Tom! I definitely encourage you to put it on your todo list as you’ll have a lot of fun. I agree with your observation with the picking of the riff. When I was praticing it all-down, I found it easier to keep the rythm and the same volume for each note.

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There is no particular reason. I use one Moises BT with all the instruments for the simplicity of having only one BT track to mix in Reaper. But, let me know in the future if you find that the invidual track export feature is useful. I’d be happy to hear about it.

Fantastic job Mathieu, you really rocked that one and yes, lots you’ve had to learn for that song. Nice switching between the riff and the strumming.

I’m looking forward to what you are going to share next.

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Thank you @SgtColon . Hopefully, I’ll record a new song at the end of the summer to show my progress in grade 3. For the past few months, I have been procrastinating at the second module of grade 3. I’m probably not the only one who felt this way at the start of grade 3 :frowning: Luckily, I was still praticing playing songs.

However, last week, I changed my mindset with a more structured approach and restarted my study of grade 3. This summer is the best time for me to get serious about it as my schedule is less busy. Let’s go ! :slight_smile:

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