Congratulations - Traveling Wilburys

Thought I’d have a go at this one. Trio+ backing track and I added in a bit of a riff using the Trio looper.
I found it difficult to get the riff down as I was playing it over the drum/bass backing. Then I found when singing and strumming I didn’t know whether to play to the drums or the riff.
Not a one take as I had a few goes to get the different volume balances as best as I could.


Hi Gordon,
Great performance and a very nice voice do you have that fits well in this song.
I have to try playing with a back track.

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Nailed it again Gordon, confident guitar playing throughout. Well done :+1:
They were a terrific band, although with the members they should have been!:joy::joy:
Like Carlos I’ve never played with a backing track. I’d imagine there’s some great advantages?

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Thanks for the listen guys. Yes playing to a backing track adds a bit of interest although I also like playing solo. However, I’d only record myself playing and singing to a backing track that I’d made myself.
The exception to that would be if I was doing a blues improv to a ‘proper’ backing track.

Nice one Gordon. A new song for me and I loved how you played and sang it. Very comfortable barre chords plus smooth and dynamic strumming. :sunglasses:

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Thanks Eddie I appreciate the listen and support. Glad I’ve introduced you to a new song although my version is very different to the original which has harmonies, a full band and the combined talents of the Wilburys. :smiley:

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Very enjoyable Gordon - as it always is from you. Nice, cruisy feel to it, and volume levels sounded good.

Cheers, Shane

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Congratulations* to you Gordon that was cracking. Great job on the singing and playing. The backing track worked really well too.

*sorry about that, I’ll get my coat.


Ah, me ol’ mucker! Ta for getting the band back together and play us another golden oldie :smiley:
I hear you on being put off/confused with different rhythm components. I presume the answer is the drums. I’d just turn down the vol on the riff and practice with drum n bass till I was happy and then turn up the guitar on the Trio?
Anyway it sounded like you got it all sorted in the end.
I’ll just echo Stefan and count my lucky stars it wasn’t the Cliff Richard tune you went for :wink:


I was just thinking that myself though I’m sure Gordon could have pulled it off :wink:
Another sterling performance on the guitar and vocals.
Now which of the travelling wilbury’s were you?

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Thanks Shane, glad you enjoyed the song. Pleased you thought the volume levels were good. With my basic set up it’s a case of sing louder/more quietly, strum harder/softer, turn up/down the backing track on the amp to suit. :smile:

No need to get your coat Stefan, I need all the support I can get. Thanks for the listen.

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Thanks for the listen and support Brian.

Yes you’re right of course. The drums and bass have to be the constant. To avoid the riff being boring I played it a bit on the ‘off beat’ but when playing rhythm and singing over it I found it a bit off putting.

Now there’s a thought. I’ll maybe wait until Christmas and do Mistletoe and Wine. :joy: I have to confess to liking his early stuff with the Shadows.

Thanks James, I appreciate the listen and taking time to comment.

Well in this case it’s very much a Bob Dylan song. I think most of their stuff tends to be in the style of the main vocalist.

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Hello Gordon, I’m always looking forward to your performances. As well regarding your song choice (which always meets my taste :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) as in quality. And also this time, listening to your rendition was a real treat.

I also appreciate your honesty very much. Watching your videos gives the impression, that all came easily to you. But reading about the one or the other struggle you had, proofs that you are human, too :sweat_smile:.

This song (as well as the band :face_with_peeking_eye:) was totally new to me. At my first listen, I only concentrated on your playing and not on the lyrics (which is an easy task to do, if they aren’t in your mother tongue), and I enjoyed it very much as it put me in a good mood.
Then, I got too nosy and made the mistake to concentrate on the lyrics as well. The song title suggests that it’s a positive song. But actually, it’s a very sad one :weary:. I guess, I would never be able to sing it without breaking out in tears.

Besides this very personal aspect, your performance is a real pleasure. Great job :star_struck:.

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That was a real treat, Gordon. Your playing and vox we’re right on and I think the riff added a nice touch. I very much enjoyed that with my morning cup. Well done!

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What a legend you are Gordon. Knocking out fine tunes like this. I quite like Traveling Wilburys. I reckon it’s because my dad played it on repeat when I was a kid. That and Cat Stevens.

Singing good as always. Lots of barre chords in this one, looked easy for you.

That Cliff Richard stuff is hiliarious…

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Bravo Gordon ! Sounds realy good !

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That was fabulous, Gordon. So much to love, I loved it all. If I have to call out one thing then I’ll highlight your strumming … so smooth and relaxed, brings a fantastic feels-so-good vibe to everything you play.

:open_mouth: I experience this when playing all on my own, trying to phrase and time the vocals without singing either getting sync’ed to the strumming pattern when it shouldn’t or the strumming pattern falling apart to follow vocals. I don’t want to over think this but I think ideally the singing is really a matter of feel and you could start a phrase in sync with any element of the music viz a drum hit, bass note, strum, guitar note.

And it sounded good to me throughout, great vibe.


:laughing: Songs from a band that performed and recorded '88-'90 would not be a ‘golden oldie’ in my book. Guess that makes me a real ‘oldie’.


Your Dad had superlative taste, JK. And I suppose you were trying to drown him out with all your Nirvana and Pearl Jam :rofl:

Or the main song-writer as I think on some songs that may have been different. I loved that about the Wilburys albums.

I reckon the Wilburys could be the most super of Super Groups … Dylan, Orbison, Petty, Lynne, Harrison … incredible musicians, covering all the bases … lyrics, vocals, composition and arrangement, production.


As always, fabulous Gordon. Can really see how much you enjoy playing . That was great!!

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Thanks for the listen and supportive comments Nicole, much appreciated.

You’re right. The title and the song content don’t really match. But then that’s Bob Dylan for you. :smiley:

The trick is to make it look easy. Underneath the facade of course there is a lot of concentration. The main issue I always have to contend with is when nearing the end of a song and losing concentration and messing up right at the end.
As for being honest about the difficulties I feel that’s a key part of AVoYP. We share pointers and help each other along the way with food for thought.

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