Revisit - Play along - Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

I have been updating my old AVOYP for the last lil bit. Part of my learning log progress I am in the midst of writing up.

For this one I have played it standing up (something I found out came alot easier than I thought it would) and the chord progression is done automatically. Know it by heart. There are a few flubs and I found out I have to play alot lighter on the electric…still working that one out. Only got the guitar about 2 weeks ago. I swap between 2 now and this was a test.

I will be posting another with either just playing or singing…not sure, it’s a lil tricky for me to sing and keep the rhythm still on this one. But I will be playing it on my solely Acoustic. Good to see the difference.:v:

I have updated my other AVOYPS and to save time and all that I simply put the updates on my old original AVOYP posts and can be found there. At least this way all will know it’s updated in one “almost” convenient thread! :grinning:

Here are the other links:

And this one is Soul Asylum - Runaway Train.

All constructive criticism welcome!

Acoustic only, mostly version. I noticed I started singing in places low, but there. Wasn’t going for so singing but it pops in and out. Once again that F chord.

P.S. - The odds of me playing the Bob Marley tune without backing is unlikely as I don’t know it well and to be honest is not the direction I am heading.

The others I know well will have play alongs and Acoustic only or accompanied by singing. I new thing I am doing.

Rock on


Definitely making progress there Darren, strumming and timing sounding good. Some more time needed on that F but you even mention that. Kudos.

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Aha! Thank you very much. This is what I’m going for progress! That and rhythm, accents and dynamics. Lots of work there.

That F chord is coming along but man it’s taking some work to get there. At least I can hit it from time to time. The muscle memory just isn’t quite there. Guess It doesn’t help that I am stubborn and trying on the Acoustic! I’m hoping transition to electric will be quicker. When I do get an electric. It will happen, just a matter of time!

Rock on!

Cool you tried something new by playing standing up, Darren! :smiley:

It’s always good to getting used to this quite early in the journey. It may feel a little awkward first, but pushing through is worth it.

Your strumming and rhythm sounded good to me. And don’t let that F chord get you down, it just takes a while. You’ll get there with some patience. Learning on an acoustic isn’t easier in the first place, but it’s a good “workout” for your hand and fingers. :slight_smile:

Keep on keeping on!

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Way to go, Darren :smiley:
I forgot how much I like it when fold say a couple of words before launching into the song and I think it’s a good strategy for some to beat the red light effect.
I preferred the pure acoustic version as the tinny backing track was just distracting.
Love the way you say you’re not going to sing and then can’t help yourself from joining in anyway.
Rock on, Dude :sunglasses:

That is what a heard, but to be honest the transition to me felt natural, I feel more free and able to Bob with the rhythm the way I would like. So for me it didn’t feel awkward at all to be honest. It was an “oh” moment!! :v::grinning:

Oh It will not let it being me down. It can only go up from this point. I am happy I can even implement it I to a song!!

Thank you for your kind words!

You know, I never really thought of it that way. But yes I would have to agree! I do it for the main reason, I can cut out some writing and just say it, not only that it seems like a natural thing to me.

It’s interesting that you would mention this Sir Brian! :wink:. I have noticed, not that it matters much to me, that out if the videos I have posted, the ones that I do just acoustic are watched more often. Very observant brother!

And yes, It’s not even a conscious thing, I honestly try not to sing!!!:rofl:. But for some reason or another it comes out!! I wasn’t even aware I was singing so much until I watched it. Said, yeah, I’ll just go with it. :crazy_face::grinning::v:

Rock on!

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Hi Darren, that sounds really good. I like this song a lot, and I absolutely like your passionate way to play :star_struck:.

The F chord: Oh man, I totally know how it’s like wanting to play a great song from start till end, and then comes this difficult chord and interrupts the flow :see_no_evil:. I’m sitting in the same boat. But we will get there in the end :smiley:.

Keep on rockin’ :grinning:!

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I know, right!! :joy: . You noticed thay did ya? Yeah, I totally wenrl off rhythm for a second during those progressiions. A few times because of it, but got it back as soon as possible.

I try not to think about it coming, try to make it flow, but the fingers need some more work for sure! Nice to hear others in the same boat!

Many thanks, Nicole, for thinking it sounded really good! :heart::heart::blush: It’s always a good feeling. It may be somewhat true because I got a copyright thingy, but luckily, the owner allows it on u-tube. First time this has happened to me. On both versions.

Also, one of the things I really like about this guitar journey is that I can not help but being passionate and really looking for that groove, just love it! .
As the mighty @LievenDV says! Rhythm is King Baaaaaaby!!! :+1::+1::joy:. Well I added the baby part, but the rest was his. :grin:

Rock on!


Amen brotha! ^^

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