Dark Theme Readability

Loving the ne site!

I do prefer the Dark Theme as I use it globally on my system.

MacBook Pro, macOS Monterrey 12.1

However, the text is a dark grey or bluish color, and against a dark background it is impossible to read without selecting and highlighting the text. I don’t see a way to change the text color? It should default, when against a dark background, to a white text or at least something that makes the text stand out.


This was one of the issues raised during testing and is on @LievenDV 's To Do List.

To ensure we maintained a good user experience to start with, the default was changed to Light.
Good to raise the issue. Feel free to add anymore here

We have flushed a few things out in beta testing but there will still be things that crop now and then.



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Excellent! Thanks…I look forward to using the Dark Theme. I don’t mind the default light one, but the dark is easier on my eyes.

If this helps on mobile dark theme works like a charm, hopefully desktops will follow soon :slight_smile:

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Scott you beat me posting about this. I like white text on black/dark background but the blue text I see is nearly unreadable with a dark background.

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I was beaten to the punch as well…it was already posted in the Issues and Questions forum.